Download Admonish here

Anyway you'll start out on the world screen. you can walk around
but there are no towns. You can acess the Map-Editor However

- The game must run in full-screen or you will go mad!!!! (Press Alt-Enter)
- Collision detection is there
- RShift + Arrow Keys moves the Character greatly
- Pressing f2 activates the Map-Editor
- Pressing esc backs out of the Map-Editor
- Pressing f2 when in the Map-Editor activates the Macro Editor
- The macro editor doesn't work yet, dont try it.
---Editor Keys---
- Arrow Keys move the hand
- RShift + Arrow Keys move the Camera, 1 tile at a time
- P Key moves the controllable character to the center of the screen
Use this to explore the other regions of the game
- Space key plots the selected sprite
- Keypad +/- increment the selected sprite
- RShift + Keypad +/- Greatly increments the selected sprites
- Keypad . alternates ground level/sky level sprite drawing
This allows the spite to appear over the bottom sprite and the charater
- S Key swaps the ground level/sky level sprites at the cursor
- D Key 'picks' or changes the selected sprite to the sprite at the cursor
- F4 Flood fills the screen with the selected sprite
- F5 Quick saves the screen
- F6 Reloads character/terrain sprites
- F7 Reload Map
- F9 Change DrawMode for editor
Triggers aren't fully supported yet and may cause problems
Walking zone allows the character to proceed on that tile
Pressing esc when drawmode is altered carries into the game

Shortcut instructions

Right-Click on ad2.exe and select copy
Right-Click on the whitespace of the directory and right-click
Select Paste Shortcut
Right-Click "Shortcut to ad2.exe" and select properties
Select the memory tab at the top of the window
Set every drop window to the highest numbers
Click OK and your set! Double-click the Shortcut and check it out!