October 3- Okay, major update with Photos. I think I put more photos in each section. I'm still  trying to get the word out about the site, so tell all of your friends. Oh and I am looking for premiere photos of the Boy From Oz. If you have any pics e-mail them to me at: Ciao!

September 29- Hola everyone! I know I haven't been updating as much as I used to. I just want to get a little more organized. Anyway I put more stuff up in the Hugh's Filmography, such as recordings, awards, etc. Also check out the bottom of this page. I found this cute animated pic of Hugh and Matt Damon giving Barbara Walters a lap dance. If this is someone's please tell me so I can give credit. My friend found it on a site and said I had to use it on [do you love hugh?]. Thanks for checking in!

September 26- Hey all! I just had to tell all of you that I picked up In Touch Weekly this week and guess what. Yes, there is a corner of the page ( i believe p.34) dedicated to Hugh Jackman's lap dance in the Boy from Oz to Matt Damon. So, pick up a copy and start being jealous of Matt. As far as updates go, I have added category in the photos section for the Golden Globes. Those pictures are from
Celebrity-Exchange, and they are loved by everyone. Oh, and I also have a guestbook I would like ya'll to sign. Thanks!

September 22- Hugh's Bio is up!!! I also put some theater and professional pics. Thanks for coming and keep checking back!

September 21- Added a lot more pictures today. Mostly Boy From Oz and Event photos. Actually, I'm pretty ready to spread the word of this site, so be my guest and tell everyone about [do you love hugh?]. Thank you so much and keep checking back, I will most likely but up Hugh's Biography tomorrow.

September 20- Back from my 4 day vacation, and I am back with a bunch of new stuff for you to enjoy. I put up Hugh Jackman's Filmography, some quotes from some movies, and I'm going to put up some Boy From Oz photos and other movie photos. Keep checking back, I will never be done with Hugh!

Septemeber 16- Lots of pictures are up in the Movie section of the photo gallery, also I have put some cliques right belows here. I'm also looking for quotes from movies, theater, and just plain 'ol Hugh  quotes.  If you would like to e-mail me anything that you would like to contribute to [do you love hugh?] e-mail me here:

September 15- Well this is my new web page, dedicated to the one and only Hugh Jackman. Today  I will put up some photos in the gallery of movies. I also want to congratulate everyone who was apart of the Boy From Oz. The run was amazing and broke many records. I was very lucky to see the show even though it was not the last performance. But I was outside waiting to get pictures of Hugh Jackman. Anyway enjoy and have fun and a message for Hugh Jackman: We love you, We honestly love you!
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