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Dunn PAL Boxing


UPDATED June 2004

Monday - Thursday
4:00 PM

In the Boxing Training
with Officer D. Sutton.

Call the PAL Office at 910-892-1873 for more info.
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The purpose of the PAL Boxing Club is to reduce juvenile delinquecy, reduce school suspensions, promote and instill education. Instill responsibility, dependability, health and fitness, self discipline, character development, self reliance and improve self esteem.

This program is a contact sport with a certified instructor and PAL has placed several safety rules and equipment for the youth.

PAL has in place a rigorious three month training plan.
PAL has established and implemented a strict Drug/Alcohol Policy.
PAL has established and enforces its education requirements.
PAL has enforced and continues to enforce its No Violence Policy when it comes to Boxing.

PAL is all about providing opportunities for youth to succeed in life and become productive citizens in the community.

PAL however does not condone and/or foster illegal, immoral or deliberate personal actions of its staff, youth or other organizations. PAL offers opportunites for youth until they intentionally, deliberately or unintentionally break the rules of PAL, the schools and/or the community.

We at PAL have several volunteer positions available and would like for you to become a part of the largest growing grassroots organization in Harnett County. You can apply online on this web site or stop by the PAL Center for an application.