I received this from "Blue Eyes"
November 7th, 1999

bluthanksu.jpg (14801 bytes)


My "Bud" found this while surfing, isn't she cute.
Do you believe?

panzeebelieve.gif (56466 bytes)


Thanks Faery Owl for the Millennium Globe
what a surprise December 1, 1999

globe4_ftime.gif (80781 bytes)

hug_card.gif (20828 bytes)

I received this card from Lady Jewell on December 5th, 1999 with these nice words.  Thank you very much


Dearest Panzee! I just had to give you a big hug and my congratulations on winning the award for DLoudest Cheer!!
You truly do our humble team proud!! I loved your cheer, it truly shows the spirit of the Site Fights ~ especially that Warlord spirit *S*

This was an award very well deserved!!
Much Love & Merry Magic ~ Lady Jewell

These gifts came from Angel for supporting her in the Site Fights. Thanks Angel.

fwcastle_angel.gif (28506 bytes)

fwthankyou_angel.gif (38610 bytes)

angel131_sneezepuff.gif (10920 bytes)
Thank you so much Fairy Sneeze Puff for this pretty award. December 5th, 1999.


globe6_ring_dphoenix.gif (70199 bytes)
Thank you DPhoenix for This Millennium Globe.
December 7th, 1999

drwflynhappy2000.gif (225506 bytes)

drealm2000.gif (46188 bytes)
Thank you Fairy DMiss Kim for this lovely globe.
January 13th, 2000

whispwings_globe.gif (99435 bytes)

ellen_card.jpg (31133 bytes)

Thank you Ellen for this Virtual Card.
December 7th, 1999


tedthank.gif (72437 bytes)
Thank you Chrissy for this Teddies gift.
I hope you enjoy your Fairy Teddy.

fmfthanks.gif (34962 bytes)
Thank you Faery MoonFlower for this
pretty snowglobe.
January 16th, 2000

shoutitout_dracer.gif (10725 bytes)

Thank you DRacer
January 17th, 2000

thankyouglobe.gif (123622 bytes)

fairyhug_misskim.gif (14252 bytes)
Thank you DMiss Kim for this Fairy Hug
January 21, 1999.

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