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Essay - "A Senior's Reflection"

Well, sitting here leafing through my high school scrapbook, I realize the journey it was through DPHS. All of those stumbling blocks.

Here's a Freshman class picture. Look at all of our faces, so young and so hopeful. We sure were. It seemed as though there was nothing that we could not attain. Our dedication was boundless, our ambition was soaring. What dreams we all shared! Boy, we'd show those upperclassmen what snobs they were. After all, we weren't babies. We were at least 14, perhaps two or three years younger than they. What difference would a mere two years make? And the funniest part of it all was that we did show them. What irrepressible spirit. I see it now in this year's Freshman class. Their youthful innocence enchants us. How wonderful it all is.

And look at this one. A Sophomore class picture. But we were still "the babies." It seemed as though we would never age. And we vowed that when we were upperclassmen we would consider underclassmen our equals. After all, we knew that "all men are created equal."

And soon time passed, all too soon in fact, and we were the snobby upperclassmen. Juniors! Looking at our pictures I cannot help but feel a stinging pang of conscience because all of a sudden we too were "unequalizing" the upper and lower classmen. Look at those smug expressions on our faces. Boy, weren't we just super? And then it was June and there I was sitting and watching the Class of 1965 graduate. I sat there on the very top row and an overwhelming force enveloped me. The force of time. I was a member of the Class of '66. As Mr. Limbacher presented the Class of '65, I, for the very first time, realized…,p. I was a Senior. This would be my last summer vacation in Deer Park. The very last "First day of school" here. The very last time I would belong here as a part of the spirit and of the life. You know, I loved DP as I never had before. I felt so much a part of it all. When that inevitable tear fell, I thought, "everything now will be my last…" The tears streamed then, as they do now, I realize that it was.

I think of Mr. Dieso. He always had such a troubled look. So concerned he was. We were "his kids" and we were to graduate. But not before…

Senior rings. There it was as reality. "DP66" right on the side. I shined it again. Senior hats and buttons also. We donned them with pride. And our boys won Football games for us. Just think, DP was no longer in last place. Those victories were heaven sent. But that last Football game. It was so sad. Our Christmas Party too. What a tribute to the class. Everything went so smoothly. It was so perfect.

And the time flew. No year passed quite so rapidly. Thinking it over now, I believe that each succeeding year passed a little more quickly. Before I realized it, we had reached Christ-mas vacation. Another last.

I can't seem to forget the Senior play. They said "You Can't Take It With You" but I find it harder to leave it all behind.

And then came spring ... That breathtaking phenomenon of Mother Nature. Spring brought the enchanted anticipation of Senior week and, of course, that Senior ball. Sometimes I believe we wished our whole Senior year away. Senior week just couldn't come quickly enough. It came and it ended. Of course, it left behind some wonderful memories. "Gigi's" magic, Miss Lewis' breakfast, Mr. Donahue's Batman. And none of us can forget our beloved Irving, Bless his pointed little beak. And someone answered our prayers; no rain on field day. But the prom overshadowed everything. Mr. Peppiatt and his Juniors presented an evening which can never be surpassed. In fact, Senior year itself shall never be surpassed. But…

Suddenly it had ended. Looking back was comforting; Forward, frightening. We had made it through. DP now had a third graduating class. Our departure marked the last of the origi-nal three classes. DP would remember us for a few years. I was sure of that. But we would remember DP much longer. As long as memories endure. Sure, we would remember and we would smile. -Author Unknown

(Contributed by Joel Mittler)

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