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Interesting Memento's from the DPD past


Detroit Police Officer Waino Fernelius of the 3rd Precinct and Officer Jerry McSafety taken around 1947???? (Photo from Tim Kelly) These two were found at my mothers house when we cleaned it out. Don't know which of us kids they belonged to. 1953-54? I would be too old for this one. 1957-58?

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I've had this dang thing laying in my desk drawer for nearly thirty years now.  When Roman Gribbs announced he wasn't running for Mayor, the two candidates winning the primary were Commissioner John Nichols and Coleman Young.  Among the trinkets used in Nichols' campaign were wooden nickles.  We must have passed out ten thousand of them, which, interestingly, is just how many votes John lost the election by.........
  Ray Downing, Las Vegas

This is the letter that my Dad wrote to the papers about his retirement from the DPD, in 1950.   Many newspapers picked it up and put it in their papers.  (Robert (Bob) Leitzel)

This is sticker that was popular in I guess in 1979 involving contract talks and a contract.  Nearly everone had one on their bumpers of their personal cars and even most of the scout cars has one stuck somewhere. (Photo from Geo. Lott) 1951 Field Day cover (Photo from Jeff Lemoux)
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xxxxxxx xxxxxxx was the either the Police Chief or the Comissioner at the time and he came in as a civilian.  I think it was in the late 60s or early 70s.  He wasn't            very well liked for some of his decisions.  Anyhow        buttons   were made up and actually worn, inside       uniform jackets.   I remember a scooter PO selling         these buttons from his scooter while he was working.   That person retired as an inspector and is still alive,      won't mention his name.

I worked the "hoe car" as a rookie in the 1st Precinct.  We had prostitutes everywhere on John R and also Brush.  We drove some funny cars in those days, how about a Dart convertible, and the top would not go up.  My partner was Earl Buglo and the whores called him "Bugaloo" after the dance craze. We used this contraption over the spot light, the ones that plugged in the cigarette lighter, to stop the johns and the whores. Now I ask you, would you stop for two guys with this kind of car when they pulled up next to you in the middle of the night and held up this contraption? Different times I guess and as I remember hardly anyone ran from us.
George Lott

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I have DPD manuals from 1924, 1944, and 1967   The 1924 is only 3 3/4  x 6 3/4 and only 91 pages long.  The 1944  is 6 1/2 x 9 and only 138 pages long.  The 1967 is 10 x 11 1/2 and  186 long and of course you know what came next the big 2 blues in I think 79.    I can't really figure out how to get them so they can be really appreciated  the 24  is brown and you cannot really make out the cover  so I'm going to send you copy of the inside cover.  Commissioner Frank Croul.  Also a copy of the inside pages of the 1944 manual. Interesting change   In the 1924 introduction.  It states that an officer should use   " no unnecessry force, nor hesitate to use necessary force in the performance of his duty" (I used spelling in manual)In the 1944 Manual  states " They shall exercise no more force than necessary to effect their legal purpose and Duty"  quite a difference eh??    (Wally Ryan)

1924 DPD Manual 1944 DPD Manual
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