The old Hunt Street Station, and other old Precincts.

Old Precincts of the past

The old Hunt Street Station. Old # 3 Pct.

Pictures were taken by me for Sgt. Anthony Peplinski's retirement momento's.
This it where it began for him 35 years earlier, in the early 50's.
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Building condemned in the 1950's


Abandoned for many years. Tile entrance. These pictures were taken in 1985.
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Sgt. Peplinski taking a picture of the inlayed tile entrance.

Detail work at the entrance of the building.

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Insp. William Brandimore, with Police Chaplain Lawson, back to camera.

Police Chaplain Lowell Lawson, with Insp. Brandimore.

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Police Officers head at top of column.
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I could use some old pictures guy's.

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