Debbie's Home

Hello! My name is Debbie and welcome to my webpage. I live in Queens, New York, a borough of NYC. My constant companion is Shannon, my Jack Russell Terrier. Shannon's Page is filled with more information on her and her breed.

I've recently entered the world of blogdom. If you want to read what I'm rambling on about currently, you can check it out at Terrier Tracks

A major interest of mine is cross stitch. You can see some of my projects in My Photo Album I belong to a group of stitchers, based in the New York City area, known as the MetroStitchers. If you have stumbled on this page and are interested on finding out more about the MetroStitchers, drop me a note and I'll tell you how to subscribe to our mailing list.

I'm listing a few of my favorite links. I'll be adding as I find more great places on the web.

  • Cynthia's Cross Stitch this MetroStitcher page has some lovely finished (and partly finished) projects. I'm noticing a trend for cats, as well :)
  • Jenny's Page a MetroStitcher who appears to have a very 'fascinating' life
  • Mirabilia This company does so many fantastic designs. I'm currently working on one and have about 5 others waiting in the wings.
  • Teresa Wentzler this is one of my favorite designers - her designs are very complicated, but the results are well worth it
  • Cathie's Cupboard and Crafts Cathie has some great charts - mostly fantasy - and she also has permission to chart Michael Whelan's great art
  • Nordic Needle they have tons of stuff. Really useful for Hardanger, a type of Scandinavian needlework
  • Hoffman Distributing tons of chart designs. They don't do mail order, but you can find what you want and ask your local store to get it for you
  • Wyndham Needleworks Lydia has a wonderful online shop.

    I am a bookaholic. I have so many books right now, I doubt I'll ever read them all. My latest reading craze has been mysteries.

    Books n' Bytes is a great website to find out more about the mystery scene.
    Another interesting website is Tart City. This site concentrates on female writers who produce real kickass stories.

    The small bookseller is disappearing quickly. Please patronize your local store before you go to the giants. Here are a few small bookstores, dedicated to mysteries, in New York City and the surrounding area.
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