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Hi my real name is Derek Peters. I am a Gospel Magician/Illusionist. I'll be going about spreading the Good News in the form of illusions. I'll perform Illusions to churches, camps, birthday/anniverary parties, weddings, even some street illusions. I'll basically go whereever I am invited.

Not just to perform illusions, but I will also preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. Use these tricks to give the message of Jesus Christ, what he did for me, and you. Each trick I do will have something based on Scripture. Hoping that the Audiance will see there need of Jesus Christ as their savior.

Many will ask, why would you do illusions to spread the Gospel. Face it, many people will never go to church if you paid them. So we need to go out into the world. Unless too busy, or just other things on their minds, many people would love to see such Illusions or magic tricks. So with that in mind, why not try to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the form of illusions. If perform correctly, this could be a real good ministry.

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Basic INFO
From: NorthEastern Pennsylvania
Born: 09/75/1975
Life's verses: Romans 12:2, Matthew 5:16
Specaility Illusions: Mostly Mind Tricks, but I will do others, like Card Tricks, Rope Tricks, Silk and Handkerchief tricks, Paper Tricks,and Coin tricks, Other type of Illusions.
AIM: WOL Derek
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