D. Peterson - Resume
DeeAnn Peterson
dee@deepeterson.com   415.285.6821
San Francisco, CA USA
Proven technological skills equal to an MBA with 15+ years of practical experience in international business, eCommerce, and accounting. A clear communicator who translates between the technical and the practical. Innovative analytical multi-level thinker. Proactive troubleshooter who can rapidly identify problems and needs, formulate strategic plans, initiate change, and implement new procedures in challenging and diverse environments.
Skill Set #1 - In depth technological systems understanding coupled with superior accounting skills identifying both current and future business needs in international markets including import and export documentation and laws, multiple currencies, international tariffs and taxes, electronic data transmission, and GL consolidation.
Created procedures for material and information flow between distribution centers in three countries including freight, customs, taxes, and multiple currencies.
Skill Set #2 - Translating between technical engineers and practical users identifying and documenting business needs and processes to create technical specifications as well as providing user training and support.
Specification and design of PaperlessInvoice, a secure financial supply-chain platform that easily connects back-office systems, supply-chains, and financial services networks.
Provided user support with INMASS/MRP and Oracle Financial and Manufacturing Applications.
Specified and designed an automated Microsoft Access application for the communication of flat files and EDI files between a company and their third party distribution centers for shipping and receiving data that ran 24/7. This included the automatic integration of the information into the accounting system and serialization databases.
Skill Set #3 - High energy cross-functional background in accounting, business and manufacturing resulting in consistent success solving a diversity of demanding business problems improving efficiency and reducing costs.
Created and implemented business processes and procedures improving inventory accuracy and accounts receivable collections as well as reducing material costs.
IT team leader in creating and implementing business processes while completing a big bang Oracle Applications implementation on time and under budget.
Creating technical specifications with a focus on the user/customer needs and an equal strength in educating and informing the user/customer of technical issues in terms the user can understand.
Extensive experience in supply-chains, MRP, eCommerce, eProcurement, payment networks, JIT, P.O.U.R.S., electronic data transmission, inventory control, and all aspects of accounting including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, general ledger, audit work papers, cash management, item costing, multiple currencies, consolidated financials, creating and documenting standard procedures and policies, and international shipping.
Fluent In: NT/WIN2K, Novell networks, network security, public key encryption (PKI), database modeling and schemas, PC and network maintenance, troubleshooting and repair; many back-office and supply-chain platforms including Sage, Great Plains, Oracle Financial and Manufacturing Apps, Peachtree, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Pro and INMASS/MRP; ePayment technology requirements for Level I, II, and III payment processing platforms.
Working familiarity with: Biometrics, Smart-Cards, Linux, MS-SQL, PL/SQL, Active Server Pages (.asp), Java, MS-Access, EDI, FTP, HTML, SMTP, HTTPS, XML, Unix, Oracle database, Microsoft Visual Studio, Excel, ERwin, GST and VAT.
Independent Contractor, Functional Senior Design Engineer
452 Degrees, Inc., San Francisco; 2000-Current
Developers of PaperlessInvoice - Secure Financial Supply-Chain Platform
Responsible for data modeling, business process modeling, database schema design, user interfaces and documentation in the development of the product to integrate with multiple back office systems. Provided an understanding of accounting and business processes to developers.
Independent Contractor, Functional Business Systems Analyst
Encad, Inc., San Diego; 1997-1999
Provided user support for back office systems including ad hoc reporting. Converted and updated their general ledger per specifications. Identified and corrected problems in business processes. Integral part of a successful big bang conversion to Oracle Applications. Specified and created an automated application to handle the exchange of electronic data information between Encad and their distribution centers.
Controller, Functional CFO
Denoyer-Geppert Science Co., Chicago; 1989-1997
Responsible for all aspects of accounting from accounts receivable and payable to consolidated financial reports. Specific achievements and responsibilities include:
Increase in accounts receivable collection to better than 93% collected within 45 days from 84% within 90 days.
Increase in inventory accuracy to better than 94% from 60%. This included implementation of a cycle counting procedure and adherence to accounting controls.
Development of procedures and policies that fit with back office systems and met all business needs.
Improved relations with suppliers that resulted in lower negotiated material costs and reduced inventory requirements for finished goods by 60% and for WIP inventory by 30%, which also reduced overhead.
Developed a system to plan for projected cash needs and to reserve cash for them that resulted in the recovery of our credit standing with vendors.
Standard item costing and item pricing in three different currencies.
Training of all users on back office systems.
Streamlined the period end processes that resulted in a much shorter time required to complete the financial reports from 15 days to 3 days.
Created procedures for material flow between distribution centers including freight, customs, taxes, and currencies.
Additional Area of Responsibility, Functional Network Systems Administrator
Responsible for creating and maintaining a Novell network and all components, including wiring, server maintenance, and PC maintenance.
Disaster recovery including two network recoveries from direct lightning hits on the building.
Specifying and purchasing necessary components.
BS, Accounting from Mars Hill College
Currently working on a B.S.B. in IT with the University of Phoenix - On Line with the goal of obtaining a masters with the same program.
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