Some of my favorite things!

The Simpsons

By far my favorite TV show. The characters on this show never cease to crack me up! Here are some of my favorite lines...


I love sports... and I really love watching Sportscenter when I can watch ESPN. I love playing Basketball and just about any other sport when I get the chance. My teams are the Flyers, the Rockets, and the Eagles.


I just started to play this game and I'm already an addict. I think it is one of the few games that allow you to learn something about yourself and those you play with every game. It's also a lot of fun, especially since you need a larger group of people to play with!

They Might Be Giants

I don't pretend to know a heck of a lot about these guys, but I really love their music. I have three of their CD's and have seen them in concert.

The U.S. House of Representatives

I spent a lot of my time in Washington here and still work for a member of the House. It is a lot of work, but I've learned a great deal and enjoy my work. Here's something I helped to write!

The Catholic Church

The Church has always been a big part of my life. I was baptized and confirmed at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Hilltown, PA and have since converted to the Catholic faith. I was confirmed in the faith Easter Sunday of 1999 at St. Peter's Catholic Church on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C..

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