Some of my friends and a little bit about them!

Janay Lynn Elizabeth (Beeber) Pillie

My wife whom I love dearly... she is a registered nurse at Lutheran Children's Hospital in Fort Wayne, which is located at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne. She's the love of my life and we're surviving marriage quite well (so far anyway! :) )

Gerald A. Lessard

My best buddy from my high school years. Jerry and I did everything together, I introduced him to his first steady girlfriend (which he still hasn't gotten his revenge for) and tried to set him up with Janay, before I knew she liked me. If you're friends with him, he'll have your back no matter how high the chips are stacked against you!

Willis "Kirk" Drake III

Kirkus Maximus Drakus... best friend, roommate, tormentor, you name it, he's got it. Kirk has always been there for me and he knows how to get things done. He enjoys jet-setting around the globe and is a great guy to have in your pocket when your parents ask you what your "no-good friends" are up to. Kirk has done well for himself in life, and you'd think he was just one of the guys if you didn't know better. Also, him and Jerry are deadly good at poker. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Jeffery Baxter

Jeff and I are always fighting each other about this or that, mainly because he just likes to argue. He's been one of my truest friends ever, he even volunteered to be the designated driver at my bachelor party. Problem was he had all that extra money he had to stuff in my shirt! Despite his best efforts to convince you otherwise, he really is a caring person! :)

Michael Patrick McCrea

Mike and I have known each other since his dad was my coach the first year I played youth league basketball and gave me the advice that stayed with me all my days, "Never chew gum while you're playin' ball." and "Always wear a hat when you walk outside after a game." It must've worked, Mike and I were on the team that won the basketball championship at the OA National Conference. Mike's an amazing guy, that will do anything to help out a friend.

Anthony Swanick

I worked with Tony at Congressman Jon Fox's office... he was the Congressman's Communications Director and liked giving people nicknames (especially interns!) He's a really nice guy though and now he lives in the islands.

Brian and Natalie Tynan

I worked with Brian in Congressman Jon Fox's office. I'd say I worked with him the most often because at one point he told me he trusted no one else to help him file. That's big praise when you're an intern! After our tour of duty in Fox's office, Brian became my mentor, looking out for me and helping me navigate myself through Washington. I even housesat his cat, but I broke the lock on the dorr. Despite that he and his wife still invited me to their wedding! Natalie and Brian are great people and I miss our meetings at the Cap Lounge.

Derek Pillie
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