Danail Yordanov - Musician and Songwriter
All has began with a simple interest in playing violin. Followed from 4 years playing a violin and learning it seemed that there is no future for this. So I have left it. After 15 years not playing my beloved instrument, God has found a way to touch deeply my heart and to restore a gift, which was "dead". In 2002 I have began to play violin again. It was a beginning of journey in the music. 2003 was a start of my songwriting. In 2004 was the time when some dreams has began to become true - I have made my first songs.
I'm living daily in the freedom The Almighty Creator gives everyone, who follows Him with whole love.  It was the best choice I have ever made, when I believed His Holy Word. I didn't foud it in the traditions, inthe customs or the good habits, He was everytime close to my heart.
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