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D.P. Lewis

...Hello, Hola, welcome to my page...

Just Think: If I knew how to spell half of this page would make since.

  "Ain't fun when ya taken care of number one, ain't fun when ya feel like ya just gotta get a gun, ain't fun when ya just can't seem to find your toung, AIN'T IT FUN when ya know that your gonna die young, such fun"-Ain't it Fun, GNR.

Hello, my name is DP, and I am a Junior at Cumberland High School.

I've done good in school, and over the fall I joined CHS's cross country team, and it was fun, and I'm going to try it again, however I don't know if i'll be able to for I got in a car wreck a few weeks ago,one in which I rolled my car 2 times and it tore my left leg up alittle

Here are some of my Friends:

Bo: Hey man, still my best friend, always have and always will, you ever need anything, I know your not afraid to ask.

David: Yo what up dave, Davey and mash pototoes and gravy, enough said.

Tommy: Tom man...We survived the wreck! We're in a band!...And oh my God I just saw the Merfmobile drive by my house WOAH.

Pedro: Hey man whats up.

Mallory: Hey what uckin up? I haven't uckin talked to your a-s forever. Have a happy uckin birthday...since i know it is sometime this month

Mikela, Mike-A-Tike: Hey so many things to say...to lazy to say all of it, so i'll just talk to ya sometime at your house.

Chuck: Hey chuckles I haven't really talked to ya much in school sorry bout that, and when I do...you always act out thebest scenes in movies..later

Kayla: Hey whats up babe! have fun this weekend.

Curtis: Dude I've saw you once this summer...

Clay: Dude...Man, don't get to nutso over the weekend, and all the week ends to follow, man see ya when we spread some sheet.

Justin (jugs): Hey man, you ever poke anoter mother ucking hole in my cherry coke can, i'm gonna kick the living shit out of you..you're still cool though i thought it was funnier than hell.

Dustin(bones): Yo bones, thanks for the help in PE ;) they were great

Zac: Hey skater punk whats up

Also hey to: Jordan R, Jordan C, Lance Kyle G, Jessie, Tim, Austin, Mike, Justin N, Sara, Ali, Alisha, Seth, Ryan(GOD),Lacey, Jenny, Lauren, Jennifer, Steve, Jerry , Tony, Scott, Joey, RIP Dickie Lee Jr. Harrell, Jennifer Houser, Dickie Lee senior Harrell, Lee, Adam, and Justin D, and Zac S.

Ells: Hey whats up man...Mr. Veach blows donkey balls, and the peniuns..well lets not even get started on them.

Mike P: Hey MP whats it sucks school is a bout to start!

Chrissy: Hey yo, haven't talked to ya forever, sorry about that, but find a man and tap him!

I am 5'7", 125 pounds. I have red hair and blue eyes. I like to play my black bass guitar, and my accostic guitar, my favorite movie is the Exorcist and my Favorite band is, Guns N' Roses. My best friend would have to be Bo. Me and him have been friends since the first grade, and I don't ever recall us ever getting in a fight. I think me and him are alot alike but we are totally different, that is the reason to us never fighting...We know when we can lay it on real thick..and when to back off. When i'm not playing my bass, or at work, or anything else, i like to write. I have been working on writting a few songs, but I have also wrote poems, and you can find a couple of poems down at the bottom of the page.


As for a girl friend, I have so many I don't know what to do! But just maybe one that I want as a true one.

I consider my self a normal person, others say I am a fucked up weirdo, which hey, it is "a free country" let them think and say what they want, I know I do. I try not to stereotype people, which can sometimes be the hardest thing for me to do..but oh well..you all are worthless..lets face it...i'm just messin, if anything I am, I know I get stereotyped quite often..."Burnout", "Hick?", "Prep?", lol and once even "Hippie". I think people stereotype me mostly 'cause I have friends everywhere. I mean sure, some of my friends are burnt, its there choice to do drugs I'm not ashamed of what they do. I have friends that you may consider hicks, as do I have friends who are preps I guess you could say. As for the hippie thing...no clue how they came up with that, must have been some southern thing.

  And as for my family...haha here comes the fun part.

I have one brother and one sister.

My Brothers name is Doug, he is 23, and spends most of his time in jail.

My sisters name is Becky, she is 25, sh

My sister is married to Scott, he is one of the funniest people in the world, not a bad fisherman either.

Both my sister and brother n law have had two kids, my niece, Breehannah. And Zach, who was just recently born he's cool.

My mom's name is Mary and she works at a local nursing home

And my dad's name is Scott, and he works at world color press.

 Ways that you can get a hold of me.

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ICQ: 29677197
AIM: ouijaman99
Yahoo Pager: OUIJAMAN99
MSN Messenger: ouijaman99@hotmail.com

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