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Then we are waiting...well, maybe not waiting, but we are ready!!!            Always looking for new friends and wildly kinky good times. I`m 5`4" and 110 lbs., 36 D, cinnamon brown hair that extends to my @ss. I`d have to say I`m semi-bashful...but underneath that lies a very sexual person. Sex should be listed on the Seven Wonders of the World  if you ask me!  He`s 5`7" and 160 lbs., "dirty" blonde  hair, awesome blue eyes, and well hung. He`s 100% opposite of bashful (haha)! If he was asked.."Sex?" he`d answer.."YES,please".  We have a secure and fullfilling  relationship; as lovers,partners, and best friends. We just happen to be a little more sexually creative than the ordinary "missionaries" and enjoy taking part in the swinging lifestyle. Ideally; I would like to have a girlfriend! Someone that would like enjoying both worlds...and would like helping me keep my man surprised. (Did I mention I have a onry, mishievious side?A good kind of mishief..of course)
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