Dani's Homepage

Dani's Homepage

I was born on Feb 17, 1987, in Port Washington, New York, where I have been living all my life. My father is from Britain and my mother is from Valley Stream. A year after I was born my brother Philip was born. We lived in Manhasset Isle in a 2 family house. When my mother became pregnant again with my sister, Victoria, we moved into a bigger house closer to the main street. All three of us went to Sousa Elementary School. My grandfather owned a fur coat company in the garment center and my mother and uncle worked for him. When he passed away, my mom went to another company in the same building and sold coats. Now she works for UJC. My father has had the same job in music and entertainment since he came to America. In England he played in different bands touring around Europe. He came to the states on a job interview, which didnít work out, and now manages Kennyís Castaways on Bleaker Street in Manhattan. Music has been a very big part of my life because of him. When I was younger, I played the violin and I sung in a choir. I also took acting. My mothers family was Jewish and their religion was very important to them. So, my father converted to Judaism and became an American citizen.

Now I go to Schreiber High School and I am in 9th grade. I go to sleep away camp, which is a very important part of my life. My camp is my "second life". Itís a place where I can truly be myself and not have to worry if I am accepted or not. I formed a group of friends whom I consider my sisters and keep in touch with them over the years. At camp I have formed special friendships with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. To me my camp friends are like my second family. My friends at home are also very important to me. I can rely on them and trust them when I donít feel I can talk to anyone else. We are all alike in many ways. I have been dancing for about 5 years, which includes ballet and jazz. I participate in Sports Night and Iím on the blue team at my school. I am also interested in art. My family is like your average family. We have had our ups and downs but nothing drastic. We have everything we need and are very happy with the way we are living.

When I am older I am not sure what I want to spend my time doing. When I graduate High school I want to go to a college in New York Sate, maybe Syracuse. I do know I want to do something in commercial advertising or clothing. In 20 years I see myself with 2 children and a husband (a family) living on Long Island.

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