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DPS Sex Scandal (MMS Video Clip)






"Sex Scandal", What scandal? Even Paris Hilton has done it, even Anara Gupta has done and even your very own woman of fantasies, the lady with the best figure plus boobs, Pamela Anderson Lee has done it. So, why this shit fuss all about. O.K. they are from Delhi Public School, the number one school chain of India where children of elite people of society study. So what if the girl was from 8 and the boy from 11th standard. What the hell is all this indulge ness about. Can’t students or say young students have sex. Oh! This is India I forgot. No wonder if a girl of 7 and a boy of 8 are doing the same when you are reading this article of some school in some part of the world. What do you say now. I ponder as to what is wrong in all this. Ok, it is wrong. Then go and ban the big boss - Your very own Television sets. Ban those fucking mobile phones. Ban those X related magazines freely available on every street n footpath. And most importantly ban the greatest bastard of all times - The Internet. Every good website has a bloody sex related pop up or advertisement. So why won’t the desires arise. It is but obvious for your senses to get attracted and titillated. So no calling sex scandal. Scandal is associated with prostitutes my friend. It was simple sex which got exposed or should we say "Over-exposed".








The boy in question was apparently a diamond merchant's son, and lives in New Friend's Colony [posh area], while the girl is an ex-army officer's daughter. Funny thing is, some retired defense personnel refuse to send their children to one of the defense schools because of their reputation for being hotbeds of adolescent sexual activity and teen drug paradises. So, the army dude in question must've figured that sending his daughter to DPS would save her from the debaucherous lifestyle some of the defence kids lead. (I can't really decide on DefenSe vs DefenCe. Bear with me.)

As luck would've had it, the girl started dating GlitterBoy, aka DiamanteLad. Glitterboy persuaded Bimbo to let him shoot her while she tried performing fellatio on him. She's not bad looking. She even speaks English with that cute, musical Indian metropolitan accent that usually makes me go, "Hay dyood, late's speech Hindi. Eet eez bing are murder tung, na". Nah, she's alright, in spite of her naivette. 

A couple of weeks later, the girl apparently told the boy their relationship wasn't working out, and who doesn't love an honest high school heartbreaker? Not me, no sir. Anyway, back on track, the dude, in a move that ranks right up there with the most Satanic deeds ever performed, scored a major victory over her by not only making money by distributing the highly personal video clips to his fellow spoilt, rich, horny, pimple-faced Delhi twats and brats, but also managing to extract revenge of the worst kind, in the form of public humiliation of his ex-lover. If you hate Delhi, its an honor shaking your hand. You may stop shaking now, I won't eat you, even though I might come across as highly intimidating on occassion. But, this blog's not about me. This is your space, so let's talk about you, and lets hear YOUR viewpoints etc. I'm only shitting. You got a problem? Piss off. .

Where were we? 
Oh yeah, the girl...needless to say, she's lost face. I hope this traumatic incident won't cause a Jackson-esque impact on her fragile teen psyche, and damage it forever, which would mean we might lose a pretty, future sex bomb to the lesbian or paedophilic schools of *cough* thought. She's gone off to Canada, apparently, and my source is not to be trusted, since she's one of those Canuck lovers. And being Australian, you're an American by default, which means you automatically hate a Canadian. HATE. TORONBLOW. MORONTREAL. QUEERBEC. But I must say, Canada did produce Pamela Anderson, and has Punjabi as the #3 official language, which sort of saves them from extreme verbal abuse, and, concurrently means we take them off the 'axis of evil', and place them on the 'axis of disgusting', which is a lesser evil. Right? No, your opinion doesn't count.

One of my friends in Delhi was kind enough to donate a copy of the sex clip to me, and its pretty serious stuff, if you look from a culture, ethics, and feminist viewpoint. Key issues...

a) The boy begs her for an upskirt shot. Girl refuses. Boy says, "Please yaar, mujhe bahut accha lagta hai". Translation: Please let me take an upskirt shot, because I really like that. Disgusted yet?

b) The boy's telling her to swallow him, and uses crap, dehati [uncultured] terms like, "poora andar daal na". HEY KID, porn is porn. Fantasy world. Is that how you talk to a girl? These lines reflect badly on your upbringing/background/schooling. Its true after all...MONEY CAN'T BUY YOU CLASS, son.

c) Is the girl dumb, or an exhibitionist? For one, I don't think either kid knows what the heck they're doing. They need sex ed. In fact, I don't think they even used a rubber. SEX ED. PLEASE. And they need to go to a film school, unless they want to end up as Z grade directors. This instant-coffee mentality, pervasive in the electronics industry these days is bad for the world of film-making in general. You can't get a good latte` unless you go to a cafe. Similarly, you can't make a good movie unless...unless well, you get the hint. And if you don't, I admit I ran out of metaphors.

d) The sad state of privacy in India, and Asia in general. I won't comment on cyber laws in India, at this stage, because its another topic for another day. And because, I don't want to be sued for defamation, not just yet.

e) The guy holds her head down to his crotch, in one particular shot. I think that's really demeaning, and know of at least 20 different women who'd squish any phallus on the planet till its texture becomes like frothy coffee with cream. And a dash of raspberry syrup. How disgusting is that?

f) The guy doesn't show his face at all. Guess what, mate? He gets away scot-free, while the girl's life is in shambles. I can lay a 50 paisa bet with anyone that this incident would make some of our brighter curry friends presume they now have a license to sexually abuse, and incessantly molest her. Which means, if the girl's really moved to Canada, God bless her, and help her start a new life. And may she not be judged, for what was not really her fault. Fine, the video clip was consensually shot, but distributing it was a really slimy way to extract revenge for being dumped. Would you go to such extremes to hurt someone you liked/loved? IMHO, the worst revenge is giving someone the cold shoulder. This boy's psychopath potential is higher than normal, and he should be punished for his crime. And whoever calls it "teen folly" should be sent to a shrink.

g) Are we still going to blame MTV and the West for our erosion of values? This is not an obscure, one-off incident - incidents like this have been happening since my school life, and I last went to school over 6 years back. Indian kids are growing up with the wrong values, even as Gen X-ers are succumbing to the call centre culture, which glorifies materialism, sexual activity, and excessive clubbing. I swear, we Indians have a really warped concept of the Western world. Maybe, its time to do some soul-searching, and belated spring cleansing of our minds?

After listening to the audio on that clip, I'm not really surprised the chick dumped him. If he was into bestiality, even a random, nymphomaniacal, yet well-pedigreed bitch would've asked him to [I really wanna say "FUCK OFF" here] take a hike. [Pat me, I just became semi-profane, from uber-profane]. I don't think I've made my point yet. Dickheads like that don't deserve to be with any girl. In fact, dickheads like that don't deserve to live. Send him to prison, at least. Wishful thinking.

Finally, urban legend time. During an interview with the principal, the chick reportedly asked her principal what was so weird or immoral about what she did with the guy, and if the principal had never done any such thing. Well, what was weird was you guys being in Year 11, and playing with fire. Don't waste your childhood on adult nonsense. These years will never come back. And moreover try to be a bit mean. Think about your own self. There is no juice for you in this brouhaha.

And yes, they were both expelled, even though the girl didn't deserve expulsion, not from my point of view.



This narrative is for those who love reading in words in spite of having the video in hand. Small story pal. Just bear it.

From the very beginning of the clip the girl is bent over the “Staff” or “Handle” or “lund” or “Laura” or "Crotch" or whatever you call it. After a few seconds she raises her head. Man, what a babe she is. She is so beautiful man. I bet any guy would piss in front of such a sexy chick. I was totally seduced. Ok, ok, forget her. Control your thing and yourself. She’s gone to some other part of the world to start a new.

So where were we! Yea! She raises her head. She is handling the staff very gently and very professionally I mean she is cozying the staff of the boy. Sometimes bending and licking the tip of the staff. Man it seems as if she knows everything of these types and she is so expert in rubbing the staff it would have hardly hurt the guy. Well, you are getting fantasies right! Well I am also getting horny. Anyway we should proceed.

Then the guy asks her to take the whole thing in mouth and not only the tip. He wanted the girl to put, take, lick, suck the whole of his thing in and with her mouth and tongue. She says “I’ll lick you, suck you” or something like this. The guy says, “Achha lagta hai, pura lo na.” something like this. Somewhere till now the girl even asks the guy if he is recording all this to which the he denies.

Then she takes the whole thing in mouth and licks and sucks and whatever. Your imagination will do the honours I know!!! It goes on. Well, don’t get over excited. This is what goes on in the whole clip. Well, for sex gurus and experts like you let me tell you that this act is known as an act of Fellatio, one of the 2 styles of oral sex. In this the girl titillates the organ of the boy with the help of her mouth and tongue.

Well, then she stands up. May be to take some rest or break. My God! I never knew someone could have such beautiful body. As fresh and clean as cream. Well, let me inform you she has her school frock worn on. Well, frock is not removed anywhere in the clip. Fair body, fair chick, and fair visible parts plus the tight, fresh boobs. Control buddy. Give vent to your imaginations. Don’t go down….pleaseeeeeeee.

The she bends over again. This time she presses the staff between her boobs. Well, I must again intervene to say that this thing or act is known as “Breast Fuck.” It would have really excited the guy. Wow! God he is having such a gala time. Are you thinking what I am thinking. Leave it friend, we are not so lucky.

Then after a few seconds she stands up. She is setting her hair and making very sweet reactions to him. They are having some talk. The guy asks her to raise her skirt. He says he likes upskirt. The girl reacts in no. I believe the boy would have been successful to get her into the upskirt after the clip. No one knows what happened after the clip. That is there…leave it….now don’t dig sucker….so sweet reactions, I am ready to become her slave. What about you. She is standing there and for five seconds it is shown that the boy’s staff stands erect, staright. Then the girl again bends over the boy. And then…….well….be patient……no need to push the forward button on the screen…..I am sorry !!!! the show is over. Ya I know what you are thinking.









• Probably the girl is of 8 or 9 and the boy is from 11th standard.
• They both are students of Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram.
• Probably they are reportedly to be doing this in some other place other than the school. I think I saw a television so no question of the room being that of the school hostel.
• Most probably the clip is shot from Nokia 6600 which has less memory compared to the after model Nokia 7610 and so such a clip could have been only possible.
• The clip is of the size 1.32mb after unzipping and it is of 2minutes and 37seconds duration. The visibility is clear enough to affect your senses.
• The boy in question was apparently a diamond merchant's son, and lives in New Friend's Colony [posh area], while the girl is an ex-army officer's daughter.
• Lots of controversies, arrests have taken place after the clip was found roaming in public via mobiles and the net. The boy in question was arrested during mid of December and has got bail after 7-10 days. The girl is reported to have left India. Rumors are also in the air that she will be having a plastic surgery. To start afresh.



• If it was revenge by any means then I should say it was the most inhuman thing ever done. Even Satan would have never done so.
• Video recording is becoming famous, everyone wants to record the best things and moments in life but then distribution was not a good criteria. These things happen in dark and should remain in dark. They should not see the light of this embarrassing world. Hope you got what I want to tell.
• Everyone does this type of acts. Every second such things happen in some part of the world. So why the fuss all about.
• What is wrong with what the boy and the girl did? You see it everywhere, television, magazines, movies, posters, etc, etc. They are everywhere. So why such orthodox societal behaviour towards them. Why don’t the cultured people of this society understand that may be their sons and daughters have been into it. Just give it a thought.
• Arrests of the IITian and the CEO of bazee.com are ridiculous and out of the topic thing. Just because the police and the investigators weren’t getting anyone to catch they targeted them. I should ask the CEO of bazee.com to file a case against the people responsible for such an uncouth behaviour towards him.
• At last but not at all the least. If they have enjoyed then why is your and my ass burning. Let it be so. So be it.








• We/I should in no way be responsible for the above article or for the clip which you found here. 
• The information, details, clip, pictures provided at this website is gathered from several websites, blogs, journal available on the net. 
• It is totally on your conscience to download or not the clip or the pictures or the article and that we shall be in no way responsible for your deeds.
• We have no liability if you forget your limits and get caught in some way or the other. Leave us alone. We have several jobs to confer.
• Details are researched over so that there is no question left after so much of gaga. If you have any then you are hyper-expert and beyond our knowledge.
• Help us to erase the wrong feelings people have against this episode.
• Don’t make so much of a publicity of such a thing. It was a simple thing. May be it is your in the next episode. May be someone is tapping the acts you do on the net and in your bathroom and among your friends and etc, etc……hope you got.
• Nothing is so funny and no such thing of so much curiosity is in this thing that u start making your on conclusions. Leave it as it is. STOP !!!!!




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