Desorden Público: The Unofficial English Site!
Desorden Público: The Unofficial English site!
DESORDEN PUBLICO: The Unofficial English Site!
With echoes of the British 2-Tone movement's big bang still within earshot, a ska wave of unsuspected dimensions found itself rapidly gaining momentum. A sound that would be embraced by different languages and colors, yet outlast all kinds of sonic hybrids and changes while still retaining its energy, defiance, and sense of racial and social tolerance.

What better example of the above than Desorden Publico? The longest running ska band in Latin America got its start in 1985 in their native Caracas, where they not only learned the lessons of 2-Tone and Jamaican ska, but also incorporated the sounds and instrumentation of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, coupled with an emerging social conscience that informed their lyrics. This intoxicating combination birthed a unique style and sound, which cemented their reputation as leaders of the genre, both in and out of their homeland.

With a dozen or so releases to their name, platinum sales, various number 1st and Top Ten hits, and numerous tours that have taken them all over Latin America, North America and Europe, Desorden Publico has amply proven that ska, their ska, is synonymous with success. A success obtained on their own terms, not one tempered by false pretenses and trivial compromises.


On June 17, 2006 Desorden goes back to the European continent after a year of having one of the best international tours ever, Europa2005. In this opportunity, on top to the obligatory stop in Germany (country where Desorden has a great deal of followers), they will go back to Spain with appearances in Segovia, Barcelona, and Cantabria to be part of the Magosta Folk Festival.

Other destinations for this tour will be in the massive OpenAir Festival of St. Gallen in Switzerland, their second attempt to perform in the Pohoda Festival in Slovaquia, a new visit to Austria, and for the first time Venezuelan Ska will sound in Croatia!

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