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August 22, 2005

Hey there everybody! I wanted to update everyone on things taking place here with my fanfic and all. I have a Dr. Quinn fanfic novel which is currently in the process of being posted. It will be up and finished in two or three weeks if all goes well!.There is soon going to be a section called "A Day In The Life" Where you will get the experience of following me around to high school for a day!

I have updated my "Meeting Jane Story" including pictures of my beloved Paw Paw. "Paw Paw thank you for instilling in me the love of DQMW and Jane Seymour. I know you're watching over all of us. I miss you and love you."

Ok I should really stop the sentimental stuff before I start crying. Don't you think? The picture above is me standing on the stairway landing of PARIS HIGH SCHOOL! That's right, you heard me. I started High School today!

I also have a couple of "real life parodys" coming up on line which are complete jokes and are by NO MEANS EVER to be taken seriously or for any offense by ANYONE. I also will get a page of information on myself and my family up online as soon as I can, anyways I think that's all in the update areas.. for now at least.

You can go to the following page to read my fanfic.
Quill Pen Corner

Also, by request, I have placed my story of meeting the star of DQMW, Jane Seymour.
"Meeting Jane"

Now don't you all think I have chattered on enough for one evening? If not I'd say you're crazy, if so... you're in luck because I'm ending this page now. I'll update you guys soon, hope you enjoyed my fanfic, and my webpage!

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