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1st Generation----William Judd b. abt 1545 Travalga,Cornwall, England



2nd Generation----Thomas Thomas Judd "Deacon" b. abt. 1608 Langley Parish,England. Thomas came to America about 1633 and settled in Cambridge,Ma. He removed to Hartford,Ct. in 1636. He was one of the  first proprietors and settlers of Farmington.  He probably moved from Hartford to Farmington about 1644.  He was an influential man and substantial farmer. The first deputies sent from Farmington were, Stephen Hart and Thomas Judd, to the General Court in May, 1647.  He was later a deputy at the May session, 1648, May,1649, Sept.,1650,  Sept. 1651,  Feb. 1657, Oct. 1658, Oct. 1659, May and Oct.1661,1662, and 1663, May 1666, Oct. 1668, Oct. 1670, May and Oct. 1677, May 1678 and Oct.1679.Thomas' wife died in Farmington perhaps in 1678, her death is not recorded. He married widow Clemence Mason with a good estate and no children.  He lived with her most of the rest of his life.  Her homestead was on the East side of Pleasant st. and the front extended from two or three rods below the great elm down to Hawley street. He died Nov 12 1688, Northampton,Ma.



3rd Generation----Thomas Judd b.abt. 1638 Farmington,Ct.He was a proprietor of Waterbury and entitled to a large tract of land in that township, as well as a proprietor of Farmington. A tract in Waterbury was named Judd's Meadow, in the 17th century.Thomas Judd, second son of Deac. Thomas Judd, was one of the first planters of Mattatuck, or Waterbury, Ct. and was the first deputy sent from that town to the General Court, May, 1689. He was several times a duputy and represented the town at one or both sessions, for 11 years, between 1889 and 1703. He was an Ensign in 1886 and a Lieutenant and chief officer from 1696 or 97 till his death. He was the first Commissioner for Waterbury,1690 to 1698 and a Justice of the Peace from 1699 1703. He was a proprietor of Waterbury and entitled to a large tract of land in that township, as well as a proprietor of Farmington. A tract in Waterbury was named Judd's Meadow. His wife was Sarah Steel. Thomas d. January 18, 1702/03, Waterbury, Ct.



4th Generation----Thomas Judd b.Abt. 1663, Farmington, Ct. Thomas Judd was a Deputy to the General Court from Waterbury, five or six times. He was called in deeds, Thomas Judd, school-master. He had a large farm in Farmington and removed from Waterbury to this farm about 1700. Later he bought a farm in Hartford, adjoining his farm, and built on his Hartford land and lived in West Hartford until he died August 24, 1724, Waterbury, Ct.. His wife was Sarah Gaylord.



5th Generation----Thomas Judd b. March 28, 1690,Waterbury,CT. Thomas Judd married and resided many years in Farmington and Hartford. Later lived in Simsbury. He lost his property, and in 1764 resided at Waterbury, old and infirm.Father of Hepzibeth Judd. His wife was Hepzibah Williams. "Thomas Judd and His Descendants" by Sylvester Judd



6th Generation----Hepzibeth/Hepzibah Judd b.1723,  There is no history of Hepzibeth Judd b. 1723 other than the birth of her son Stephen Jr. Hartford, Ct.. Barbours Collection, she was daught. of JNO but according to "Thomas Judd and his Descendants" her father was Thomas Judd of West Hartford, Ct.



Hepzibeth Judd baptized 1723 at West Hartford Church.
Taken from the
West Hartford Church Records.   "Bills of Mortality."








In "Barbours Collection" Hepzibah/Hepzibeth is listed as daugher of "JNO.
"From Barbour's "Families of Early Hartford, Ct." Genealogical Publishing Co.,1977 ISBN
In Wterbury Vital Records -Vol. 1, p. 392 she is listed as daughter of Thomas Judd and Hepzibah Williams.








7th Generation----Stephen Judd b.1751 Waterbury,Ct. According to "Barbours Collection"  Stephen Jr. was born in Waterbury CT to Hepzibeth Judd in 1751. Other sources place his birth in West Hartford CT. There is no record of his birth there.
He fought in The Revolution and was a pensioner. His wife Sarah Russell received his pension after he died.








The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
 page 152
 Gr-gr-granddaughter of Lemuel Alling and Phebe Peck, his wife; Stephen Judd and Sally
 Russell, his wife; Daniel Clark and Lydia Atkins, his wife.








The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
 page 152
 Stephen Judd (1751-1820) was a soldier in the 5th company, First Regiment, at the siege of
Boston. He enlisted 1777 and served three years in the Eighth militia regiment.








8th Generation----Harvey Judd b.1798 Waterbury,Ct. Harvey Judd removed to Clark County Ohio and died there in 1833.








9th Generation----Samuel C Judd b.1825 Waterbury,Ct. Samuel worked at Seth Thomas in Waterbury,Ct.








10th Generation----George Judd b. March 31, 1864 Plymouth,Ct. d. 1902. He was a factory worker and farmer in Bristol Ct. He married Minnie Adela Woodward.








11th Generation----Paul I Judd b.Nov 4 1898 Peacedale St.,Bristol,Ct. He served in the first World War and was discharged with a disability pension. He was an Airplane Spotter during World War 11 and received a certificate honoring his service. They lived in Meriden,Ct. at the time.
He was head of the American Legion Jr. Drum Corps.
Paul died
Nov 5 1965 at the Veteran's Hospital,West Haven,Ct. The cause was Pneumonia.








12th Generation----Dorothy Judd b.June 14 1928. Dottie also was an airplane spotter during WWII. It was very interesting work. Her father Paul Judd spotted airplanes on West Peak and Dottie was stationed on Buckwheat Hill,in Meriden,Ct.








13th Generation----Craig Rollins  married Donna Gizzo. They have a son Gabe. Craig enlisted in the Army when he was 17 and was stationed the longest at Fort Riley,Ka. and Germany. He was discharged from Fort Riley. He has driven tractor trailer trucks for about 30 yrs. Like his dad did. He was also a Ham Radio Operator and active in the organization for many years.








Susan Rollins   worked for about 18 yrs. for the Department of Mental Retardation and surpervised the adult clients independant living program.








Bonnie Rollins married Michael Walker at the Assembly of God Church in Meriden,Ct. Bonnie is a Medical Asst. and Mike is a Computer Design Engineer.








Robin Rollins has a son Justin. Like his dad, Robbie also drives tractor trailertruck. He enlisted in the Marines and served in the states and Okinawa.








Charles Rollins Jr.. Chuck also enlisted in the Army and served in the states and Germany. He was a Ham Radio Operator. Chuck married Tina Dinzeo and they have a daughter, Brandy.








14th Generation----Gabe Rollins is Craig & Donna Gizzo Rollins son. He belongs to a band which he enjoys very much.








Amy Walker is the daughter of Mike and Bonnie Rollins She is now attending Community College. Amy has a son  Trey.








Scott Walker is the son of Mike and Bonnie Rollins Walker. He likes to play baseball, bowl, draw, read and work on the computer.








Justin Rollins is the son of Robin Rollins and Betsy Cahill Rollins. He likes to play baseball and draw and play computer games. He pitches for his league and had a shutout!!








Brandy Rollins is the daughter of Chuck and Tina Dinzeo Rollins. 








15th Generation  Trey is the son of Amy Walker and Michael Blaskovich

















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