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Welcome to Dr and Herbs

Catering to all your medical needs the natural way using traditional Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

Dr & Herbs symbolises a "return to nature" and the benefits of traditional medicines in modern day society. Dr & Herbs offers traditional herbal remedies from convenient Shopping Centre locations. It also offers alternative medical approaches including acupuncture and massage. Fully qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) doctors and assistants staff all branches. All activities are under the control of the code of practice of the professonal body, the General Council of Traditional Chinese Medicine (GCTCM).
" I hope you enjoy this sight and find everything you are looking for. However, if you don't or you require more information. Don't hesitate to contact me or anyone at Dr and Herbs in Stirling, " Jing Chen (Manager).





CONTACT: Dr and Herbs, Unit 44c, Kings Mall, Thistle Centre, Stirling, SK8 2E8