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Dashavatar -Evolution of Life

Dinosaurs and Navdurga

The Origin Of Holy River-GANGA

       Ancient Indian Literature about religion and philosophy has tremendous knowledge and facts about the origin of Universe, origin of Earth, the origin of living creatures and the origin of man as he stand today, hidden in it. Not only this, it describes the nature of the living and non-living things on the earth, their system of working, their various features as also utility on earth, the aims and objects of human life. The methodology and continuity are described in so minute details that the modern scientist is astonished by the knowledge of the ancient Saints and Rishies.

         Science always needs research and inventions because the law of nature are so intricate, so simple and so complicated that even thousands of years are not sufficient to reveal only a part of it. The ancient saints gathered some knowledge by deep meditation, hard work, sharp observations and with the help of Almighty which they passed on to their disciples for centuries. But for the general public the fine details were not easy to understand and so the ancient Rishies prepared rules for the people to be obeyed. to remember and retain the knowledge forever, Rishies planned  to prepare stories which could be easily understood and remembered for thousands of years. They decided to give these stories a religious cover so that people feel it mandatory  to read these, remember these and pass them on to their next generation. This system has received a great success. Even after thousands of years people know the approximate age of Universe, the age of our Earth, the gradual appearance of living creatures on it and the time of appearance of   Homo sapiens.

         Old testaments says that one day God said," let there be light" and the darkness was separated by light and it was day and night. Indian Mythology describes  the value of one day of the Almighty Creator of the Universe, Lord Brahma.

          To understand the real facts explained by the Indian Rishies in form of religious stories has to be viewed through the present day scientific spectacles.



Dashavatar-The Evolution of Life

Dinosaurs and Navdurga

Origin of Holy River-GANGA