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My 91 Nissan D21 4x4
This site was last updated 6/10/2002,
which was a hell of a long time ago.
If ya wanna get ahold of me about this website, my truck, or anything else, just take a look at the info below
I wanna make this one of the best Nissan sites around, so if you have any feedback, give me a yell.
click here to get to the Automotive customizes bulletin board
If ya wanna get ahold of me on the AC BBS, my user name is  waserik59
You may now also visit me at  I recently added a site there.  Check it out.
send me some e mail......I am bored

Work has begun on a better webpage that won't have data transfer issues over at Charter Communications.  I am working diligently on it so that I can have it up and running in a week. 
My Charter Webpage