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1963 Aluminum Engine Specifications
Regular EnginePower Pak Option
Bore 3.125 3.125
Stroke 4.25 4.25
Displacement 195.6 195.6
Compression Ratio 8.7:1 8.7:1
Carburetor (E-STICK transmission) Single throat Holley 1909-2557 Dual Throat Carter WCD-3434S
Carburetor (Automatic Transmission) Single Throat Carter AS-3536S Dual Throat Carter WCD-3435S
Carburetor (Standard Transmission) Single throat Holley 1909-2387 Dual Throat Carter WCD-3435S
Brake Horse Power 127 @ 4200RPM 138 @ 4500RPM
Torque 180 lbs. Ft @ 1600 Rpm 185 lbs. Ft @ 1800 Rpm
Taxable Horse Power 23.4 23.4
Fuel Requirement Regular Premium
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1963 Aluminum Engine Specifications - VALVES
Valves are high strength forged steel new designIntakeExhaust
Cam Lobe Lift 0.2540.254
Valve Stem Diameter .341-.342.3405-.3415
Valve Face Angle 4444.5
Valve Seat Anlge 4545
Valve Seat Width .060-.075.060-.075
Valve Spring Tension Open 155-165 lbs @ 1.4375155-165 lbs @ 1.4375
Valve Spring Tension Closed 75-85 lbs @ 1.812575-85 lbs @ 1.8125
Valve Stem to Guide Clearance .0015-.0035.002-.004
Valve Guide ID .3435-.3445.3435-.3445
Guide installed height from spring seatUnknown N/A
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The camshaft specifications... hydraulic lifters... etc
Camshaft End Play .004-.008
Camshaft Bearing Clearance .001-.003
Valve Timing Intake Opens 12 deg 30 BTDC
Valve Timing Intake Closes 51 deg 30 ABDC
Valve Timing Exhaust Opens 53 deg 30 BBDC
Valve Timing Exhaust Closes 10 deg 30 ATDC
Intake Duration 244deg
Exhaust Duration 244deg
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The 196 aluminum engine was the first AMC built six to use hydralic lifters.
Tappet Clearance Intake Zero (Hydraulic Tappets)
Tappet Clearance Exhaust Zero (Hydraulic Tappets)
Pushrod length 11.766
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The crankshaft is high strength forged steel
Main Bearing Diamater 2.4793-2.4798
Main Bearing Width #1 1.307
Main Bearing Width #2 1.13
Main Bearing Width #3 1.13
Main Bearing Width #4 1.275
Main Bearing Clearance .001-.0015
Main Bearing Cap Torque 55-58 Ft Lbs
Crankshaft End Play .003-.008
Crankshaft End Thrust Front Main Bearing
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The Connecting Rod
Connecting Rod Bearing Diameter 2.0948-2.0955
Connecting Rod Bearing Width 0.964
Connecting Rod Length 6.825
Connecting Rod Bearing Clearance .001-.0015
Connecting Rod Cap Torque 27-30FtLbs (Dry)
Connecting Rod Side Clearance .005-.015
Connecting Rod Lubrication Squirt Hole 24 deg from center line towards camshaft
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This is the external full flow oil pump
These were standard on the Aluminum six before anyother Rambler six ccylinder engine.
At the time, the cast iron L head and overhead valve 196 engines had only a bypass filter as an option
Oil Pump Type Gear
Normal Oil Pressure 15 lbs @ 600 Rpm (Minimum)
Oil Pressure Release 60-65Lbs
Engine Oil Capacity 4 Quarts(plus one with new filter)
Oil Change Interval 4000 miles
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The Pistons:
1963 Aluminum Engine Specifications - PISTONS and RINGS
Piston Pin to Connecting Rod Press Fit Piston Pin to Piston Palm press fit at Room Temperature
Piston to Bore Clearance .017-019 .0006-.0017.0006-.0012
Piston Ring Gap Clearance .010-.020 .010-.020Steel Rail .015-.055
Piston Ring Side Clearance.002-.004 .002-.004 .0001-.004
Piston Ring Groove Diameter 2.774-2.764 2.774-2.764Oil Scraper 2.766-2.756
Piston Ring Type Chrome CompressionLubrited CompressionChrome Rail Oil Control
Piston Ring Land Opening .81-.80 .81-.80Oil Scraper .189-.180
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The aluminum billet distributor is driven off the cam shaft...
Spark Plugs H10, H18Y
Spark Plug Gap .033-.037
Distributor Rotation CCW @ Rotor End
Distributor Point Gap 0.016
Distributor Cam Dwell 31-34 deg
Distributor Condenser Capacity .18-0.23 Mfds
Distributor Breaker Arm Tension 17-21 Ozs
Ignition Timing Regular Fuel 5 deg BTDC
Ignition Timing Premium Fuel 8 deg BTDC
Engine Idle Speed - Automatic 500 Rpm (500 with A/C On)
Engine Idle Speed - Standard 550 Rpm (500 with A/C On)
Fuel Pump Pressure 4-5.5psi@500Rpm
Cylinder Compression Rating 145psi
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Machining code First Letter - Bore
A = Std B = .010 Under C = .010 Over
A = Std B = .010 Under C = .010 Over
Machining code Second Letter - Main Bearings
A = Std B = .010 Under C = .010 Over
A = Std B = .010 Under C = .010 Over
Machining code Third Letter - Con Rod Bearings
A = Std B = .010 Under C = .010 Over
A = Std B = .010 Under C = .010 Over
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