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Hello, I'm David!  I'm from Manchester, England and im 17 years old.  I like all sorts of stuff, i suppose, but LOVE fanatsy books, debating Philosphy and 70's rock music, especially Led Zeppelin.  Im pretty damn lazy so im often in trouble for late homeworks and stuff.  All in all im a pretty boring bloke but have a sense of humor about it.  Oh, i'll change the world too so remember the name and when im king of the (known) universe, you can say- 'oh, i visited his website when he was a real sad bastard- and look at him now, ordering Klingons around and stuff.  Gods, (because, of course, by the time im president of the cosmos, God will have copulated, theres only a limited amount of time one can remain celebate), i wish i was as good looking/have as many sex kittens at my disposal as that guy.' etc etc, all in all, you'll be pretty jealous, any sane person can see why.

Im studying for my A-levels at the moment, hope to go to University but first travel around a bit (who's heard of leader of the universe who hasn't traveled?  thats like a Jewish Pope- its not gonna happen!!) Last sunner i went to see some friends i met on the net in copenhagen - it rocked!I think ill do Philosophy or Politics at Unversity at uni - the only thing i would really hate would be having a dead end job in a stinking, little office- even if i was earning ?200,000 a day, it would be sooo boring!
I really want to make a difference to the country as i think that capitalism is draining away the natural resources in the world and making people selfish and cruel. 
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Me and my girlfriend both aged slightly more than 17. This website is now a class 2* heritage website
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