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(Thanks to Lady J for this *A*W*E*S*O*M*E* picture of me. I _love_ it!!!)


Hello, my name is Draca Darkwingette, Duck-fanatic and Dragon-expert. Welcome to my little realm in the web! If you like Ducks as much as I do, then you've come to the right place. Come see my pages dedicated to some of my favorite Ducks out there----my protectors and inspirations. I hope you enjoy yourself there----I've got fan fic, attempts at fan art ;-) and a few things more. Enjoy!


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Darkwing Duck

I first fell in love with Darkwing Duck nine years ago. It was rather surprising, after all this time, to come back to my obsession----but I am so glad I did. This guy made me the Duck-obsesser I am today, and I am grateful. Check out my tribute to him!


The Mighty Ducks

I started out a Darkwing Duck fan, as you may have noticed. Let's just say that Darkwing wasn't too pleased with me when I decided to become a Duke L'Orange fan as well. Ever see Darkwing mad? This page is just a tiny example of the result. Enjoy your stay----but be careful not to say anything too nice about Duke. I think it may push Darkwing over the edge.


>>>>Darkwing Duck, Duke L'Orange, and other such characters are copyright Disney and are used without permission but with no intention of profit of _any_ kind and with the utmost respect and love. "My Corner Of St. Canard", "My Revenge On Darkwing", this title page, and the personage of Draca is copyright 2000 to Draca Darkwingette, all rights reserved. And don't you forget it. ;-)<<<<