Welcome to 20XX by Bill

Welcome to 20XX
by William Kennedy
Continuing on Monday, August 29

Episode 328: I am so tired right now.

Updated on 8-13-2005
Today's comic brought to you by: Delay and apology
Updated today: Front page

I have to push back until next Monday. Unfortunately, there was a medical emergency in my family. It's looking pretty good now, but it was very shaky there for a while, so I was completely unable to do much because of having to be concerned with that. Next Monday's a date though, with my sister moving back to college this week I should hove no problems getting back on track. Edit: I have been through the archives and changed some titles that weren't quite correct, specifically ep. 117 and 157.

I plan to make a smaller button banner and another large banner soon. If you want my current banner to link to me with, it's on the link page; my poor, lonely, undernurtured e-mail link is at the bottom of this page. Also, it would be great if you'd sign the guestbook.

I'm doing some general site improvements and maintenance now. I'm gonna add a kind of FAQ page, with just general questions that I've never been asked and the one question I have been asked. I still want SUGGESTIONS, or maybe even someone to e-mail poor lonely me.
Does anyone know any good free web servers? Or do you just have comments about the comic itself? Suggestions? E-mail me, the link is near the bottom of this page, or just use this> Dracanius@yahoo.com. You can also reach me on AOL instant messenger as Dracanius or on ICQ at number 50308995.
For those who don't know, updates are Mondays, Wednsdays and Saturdays.

My growing list of web site options ^_^.


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