Karayan Weyr <BGSOUND SRC="C:\Program Files\Mindscape\Babyz\Resource\Songz\Fairy Tale.mid" LOOP=INFINITE>
  You suddenly realize that your riding on the back of a blue dragon. You tense up, and tighten your grip on the riders' jacket. "Ease up a little on your grip there, were almost there." Almost where?! You think to yourself. Karayan Weyr, of course. Don't be afraid, everyone is very kind there. Just a little further and I'll set you down on land again. You hear the blue say. You look down and see a very big weyrbowl cut out of the mountainside itself. It's absolutely beautiful.You say to yourself. "Just where are you landing, and who is greeting us when we get there? And what is your name?" You ask the blue rider. "My name is Ti'nal, we are landing in the Weyrwoman's weyr, and Weyrwoman Anerila, and Weyrleader L'ren should be meeting us there." Ti'nal half shouts at you so you can hear him. Just about then the blue slowly starts to decend his way to land. After a fair warning to hold on, he backwings and lands neatly on the ledge of Weyrwoman Anerila's weyr. The Weyrleader and Weyrwoman come to greet you, as Ti'nal said. "We are very proud of my Torlimyth. Her first clutch resulted in twenty-nine beautiful eggs. The two largest eggs are suspected to be queens, but you never know untill the Hatching occurs. Anyway, would you like to see all of Karayan Weyr?" she asks you. "I'd love to! I've never seen real dragon eggs before..." you say excidedly. "Of course, I can't take you, and neither can L'ren. We have a meeting with Lord Holder Karvak of Plumete Hold to attend. You may go alone, if you wish, or, you could take one of our resident riders along. Just one thing, do not disturb Torlimyth on the sands. The poor dear just fell asleep, and I don't want her waking up. Understood?" she asks you sternly. "I understand. I won't bother her, and I'd rather go alone. I'd like to sketch a picture of your queen, if that's alright with you?" you ask. "Of course, just don't wake her up. Go along now, have fun. We must get to that meeting. Ti'nal, you go back to looking for candidates for Torlimyth's clutch. We must be going now, so, farewell." Weyrwoman Anerila says and looks to L'ren. Then, they both walk out to where L'ren's bronze Rokaith is waiting for them to jump up onto his back. I would take their advice and not disturb Torlimyth. She's been very broody and cranky ever since she clutched. We've given you fair warning, don't blame us if she chomps you head off. Rokaith says to you. You step back as they take off, and decide that advice is worth taking. You watch Ti'nal take off next, then walk down the steps to the center of the weyrbowl. Where will you go? It's all up to you.
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