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Welcome to my home page. Although there isn't much here yet, I am hoping to expand the contents when ever I find more things to add. All comments and suggestions are welcome.


About DracoDruid

I go by the name Beth Rose in most places. I was born January 7th, 1978 in Ottawa, Ontario and have lived here mostly ever since. I did have a brief period where I lived in Quebec for about two years off and on, but I moved back to Ottawa as I like this place more. :) I had a little girl, Brigit Leanne, born July 7, 1998. She was very sweet, but I felt I was not capable of giving her everything she needed, so she was given up for adoption to a very loving couple. I like to read and write fantasy, and love to draw dragons. I can draw many other things, but have been told my dragons are the best of my drawings. I have had some poems and dragon drawings published in private magazines. I am collecting various sound clips and pictures from animé. Any notable links would be welcome via e-mail. :)

I will be adding things as I go, including lots of pictures of my little baby boy, Kenneth Jamieson Fredrick Glover, born August 21, 1999, and my hubby, if we ever find a scanner. :) I will also add some pictures I've found on the net that I like.

Yummy Clothes!

Check These Out!

Here are some pictures of my little boy taken at seven months at Walmart! My favorite is the third one with the paint cans. :) Isn't he sweet!
  • ken1.jpg
  • ken2.jpg
  • ken3.jpg
  • ken4.jpg
  • ken5.jpg
  • ken6.jpg
  • ken7.jpg
  • For more pictures of my son, see the following.

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