The most girl in the world!

This page is dedicated to the most wonderful little girl in the world -

My Sister Courtney

Hi my name is Courtney Taylor

Courtney Madeleine Taylor was born in Rockhampton, Australia on the 16th of September 1988. Her parents, Don and Iris we very proud to have a girl after two boys! She was the younger sister of Jay (that's me) and Vaughn.

Life was good in the Taylor household until one day Courtney developed a bruise on her eye that would not go away. One doctors' visit led to another and another and another, until finally after only 18 months on the planet, Courtney was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. With another child one the way (Jared, born 17/01/90) this was the last thing the family needed.

I will not go into the details of Courtney's treatment, but after countless chemo sessions, full body radiation and a bone-marrow transplant, I will say that I have never come across someone so strong minded and full of courage as my little sister, and will probably never meet another person like her again.

Jumping forward in time again to the 28th of April 1992 the ever battling Courtney recevied a blessing in the form of Declan, her new brother. With two younger brothers to boss around there was no way this little girl was letting go!

Seven years on Courtney is still with us a bright and as healthy as ever. Her scars are now part of the family and we would not have her any other way.