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If you'd like to read some of my Final Fantasy 7 fanfiction, click on the link below. Just so you know, Tifa is my favorite character, and so she is the main character for all the stories (there are only 3 at the moment). 

Final Fantasy 7 Fanfiction
I've got my art page up. Come take a look.
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  It's about time to make an update I think. That's my picture above, by the way.  I'm 17 now, soon to be 18, and I'm finishing up my last year of high school, oh joy. I plan to be a writer and I've even sent off an article to a magazine. Actually, I've sent it off twice because the first one was rejected (but it was a very nice rejection letter). So, maybe I'll get lucky there
Anyway, I live in rural Alaska. I was born here and I've only been out of state once in my life. I'm going down to Washinton though in April (right before my birthday). Next year my mom and I also plan to go on a cruise in the Caribbean, which I'm greatly looking forward to.

Well, as for the updates. I'm going to try and add some new art and maybe some pictures or something.  I'd like to make this place a little more interesting, but quite frankly I'm afraid to touch anything in fear of something going horribly wrong.

   I hope you enjoyed your brief stay. There isn't much, sorry, but I've done the best I could. Oh, and for those of you wondering if I had to pay for this, no, I didn't.

Forever an admirer of Dragons,

Kaasan Faerlyte B.
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