MacQuillan / McQuillan Origins in Ulster



MacQuillan Origins in Ulster

Several web sites give accounts of MacQuillan origins and tell one or both of two tales which centre on two published papers, one by Edmund Curtis and the other by a Mrs. M. Webb. These accounts ignore the research of more modern writers which challenges the older stories and deserves an airing on the web. This telling presents my understanding of the newer view and suggests that the earliest MacQuillans in Ulster were Scots.

McQuillans of the Hannahstown area, Co. Antrim


Records of some McQuillan marriages in the Hannahstown area.

Gravestone Inscriptions

The graveyard of St. Joseph's Church in Hannahstown contains several McQuillan gravestones which date from the mid- to late nineteenth century. It would be interesting to learn where the several families might have come from.

This represents a request for family history of any and all of these families, both pre- and post- gravestone dates. Contributions from anyone knowledgeable about them would be gratefully accepted.



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