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This page contains information about PowerBasic, Jean-Michel Jarre and Nanvaent mud. These topics interest me a lot and I hope I can show you why. Of course there are more things I like, and you can find them on my links page. In case you are interested in who I am, check my personal info page. You can also find some games and utilities from which I think they're worth trying on my download page. This page will be updated frequently so keep checking for new files. Don't forget to sign my guestbook at the end of this page! You can check the remaining time until the year 2003. Let me know what you think of this site on my tiny query page.

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There's no escape
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Where fantasy dies
Material lies
Computer Eyes

- Ayreon -

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In this time there are many programming languages, but one of the first was Basic. Now we have Pascal, C, Fortran and many others, each has its own specialism. The history of Basic is as follows (roughly):
  • Commodore Basic (someone reminded me of this one)
  • GWBasic
  • Quick Basic
  • QBasic (simple version of Quick Basic)
  • Turbo Basic
  • PowerBasic
  • Liberty Basic for Windows
  • Visual Basic for Windows
PowerBasic has the syntax of the orthodox Basic language and the structure of Pascal or C. It supports use of assembler code and has unique array handling routines. PowerBasic does not have the speed of C, but it's still very powerful for advanced programmers. You can get more information, example programs and source code on my
PB info page or visit the PowerBasic homepage

Jean-Michel Jarre

Synthesizer music can be very relaxing. The computer generated sounds, noises and beats are great if you can appreciate it (but that's with all music). Well known composers are Vangelis, Kitaro and... Jean-Michel Jarre. Each artist has his own style. Vangelis composed many calm songs (or how would you call it) like Conquest of Paradise. Kitaro made many Japanese-style songs, not strange since he is Japanese. Jean-Michel Jarre has made about 14 albums:
  1. Equinoxe
  2. Les chants magnétiques
  3. Oxygene
  4. Oxygene 7-13
  5. Chronologie
  6. Revolutions
  7. Rendez-vous
  8. Metamorphoses
  1. Zoolook
  2. Waiting for Cousteau
  3. Images
  4. Hongkong concert
  5. The concerts in China
  6. Houston-Lyon concert
  7. Destination Docklands
To learn more about Jean-Michel Jarre, check out his

Nanvaent mud

Mud stands for Multi User Dimension (or Dungeon) and that's exactly what it is. Basically a mud is a text-based role playing game. You control your character by entering commands. But, it's a game and chat in one. Usually there are more people logged in at the same time so you can chat with them. But not too long, if you want your character to progress in the game. The general idea of the game is to advance your level by gaining experience points. Each guild has its own abilities and methods to get experience points. If you want an aggressive character, join the Barbarians. If you like to sing, join the Bards. And you can join the Foresters, Clerics, Wizards, etc... When you log off your character, everything is saved for the next time you log in.
One of many muds is
Nanvaent in England. When you have a client, make a connection to nanvaent.org:3000 or just make a telnet connection. And of course I recommend you to visit the Nanvaent homepage.

Nanvaent help | Nanvaent homepage

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