Call of Cthulhu: A Keeper's Ramblings

A Keeper's Ramblings

Chaos Dawns The Warhammer Fantasy RPG pages feature detailed descriptions of our WHF RPG campaign (which we started in February 2006); all the character backgrounds, the cast of major npcs and players, background information of the game world, etc.

Uncommon Valor (the 7th Sea pages) includes a detailed description of my 7th Sea RPG campaign; all the characters, the stories, songs of Theah (the game world) adapted from actual songs, original artwork and poetry, and plenty journal entries (and much more). Though this campaign is no longer active, it is still very near and dear to all of our hearts. The background information is great for anyone who playes 7th Sea or any swashbuckling rpgs! Check it out!

Russell's Cthulhu Campaign The CoC pages include a recap of one of our adventures, the start of a year by year breakdown of the 1920's, a look at some of the history of the North Eastern United States, and pictures for use as background material and ambience.



My name is Russell and I was born in 1967. The time just flies by... I have been gaming since I was 10 years old!!! Now, and for the majority of those years I have been a gamemaster with MANY successful campaigns in various different game systems. 

I work for the "MAN" in the white-collar professional world. I work for a decent-sized petroleum company as a Sr. GIS Analyst. Something that I wouldn't have believed possible back in my Anarchist days... *smile* Well, we do what we must, but I still want to go off and live on an island, or something. I am married (October 21st, 2000!!!) to a beautiful lady and have daughter and a stepson.

I am currently running a Warhammer Fantasy RPG campaign (using the newest version of these rules) published by Black Industries.

Since most of our gaming group has moved on to other locations, we find it impossible to play rpgs in the traditional pen and paper, tabletop manner. So we found an excellent utility for recreating this same tabletop feel online! Check out Fantasy Grounds! It is a created to work with D20 but other rulesets can be created (which was done for WHF RPG). I highly recommend it!

If anyone has any suggestions for what should be included on these pages, let me know. 

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I am not attempting to make any kind of profit by placing material for Warhammer Fantasy RPG, Call of Cthulhu, the Mythos, or 7th Sea RPG on line. All rights reserved by their respective companies.