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Ben's Favorites and Noteworthys
more 'bout me
Hero: Jesus
Food: Tuna Casserole or biscuits and sausage gravy.
Vehicle: My Pickup Henrietta (the one in the background)
School Subject: Physics
Summer hobby: Bike riding
Winter Hobby: Bike riding
After dark Hobby: Bike riding
Non-Bike riding Hobby: Legos
Beverage: Milk
Bike: Cannondale 1000 Delta V MTB (its not the one that Im riding in the picture)
Time of the day: 2:30 MT PM
Motor: 400M
Pair of shoes: Survivors engineer steel toe size 12 slip on black boot
Kind of work: Manual, preferably shovel
Color: depends on the application.
Best Friend: Chris Hebberd
Saying: Smile, God loves you

Please email me. I would probably love to hear from you. I dont get many emails so you are liable to get a reply from me
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When you email me  write " Hello Elihu " in the subject line so that I will not delete it as spam.
This is a picture of me and my brother and our float in the parade. My brother is in the trailer tossing pennies and I am on the bike. We had a boom box playing baby elephant walk and hugo montenegro while we rode down the street