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Online Comics:
Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne.
The Latest installment of Blizzard's Warcraft series.
Dark age of camelot:
A MMORPG that features three realms at war. Using myths and legends. Hibernia, Midgard, and Albion are born. Born to fight. In an endless struggle of epic perportions.
Dark Age of Camelot:
Draglias Griffin - L50 ML9 RR9 Warden - Akh'Vehalr - Guinevere
Raelith Griffin - L44 ML0 RR1 Mentalist - Akh'Vehalr - Guinevere
Warcraft 3:
DarkDragonPanda - Euro Server
PandarianMonk - US Server
A Mage in the corner has a stack of books as tall as he is sitting. He grins at you and offers a wink and motions toward the stack.
Magic Books: (Movies)
The Drunken Panth r Inn
An old looking fellow in pitch black robes sits in the darkest corner of the Tavern. Watching and drinking, but paying no real attenion to anything in peticular
As you study him more closely. you see his has many scars on his grim face. what tales might he hold?
Sit down and Talk (news/stories/opinion)
The Barkeep greets you and motions to the book siting on the bar.
Warcraft 3
World of Warcraft
WTF (EQ bleh its a good story)
Ctrl-alt-del online. (Gameing)
8-bit Theatre (Final fantasy)
GU Comics (Gameing)
Vn Boards
Camelot Seer
Mythic Entertainment
Camelot Herald
Dark age of camelot
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