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Drag n Drops

Welcome to C_C_F's drag n drops.  I started a whole new site devoted to them...
Hope you enjoy 'em!  Please link back if you use a doll on your site! 
(For help and rules please see the bottom of the page, especially if you would like to take some drag pieces from the site to put on your own dollmaker, or think I have stolen some of your drag pieces. Thank you for following the rules, I appreciate it!)
UPDATES: New stuff in Abercrombie & Fitch and silent maker.  There are finally accessories for the silents!
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Abercrombie & Fitch

Animal Print
Flaming Pyros
I'm just getting these started so they may not have much (or they might be kinda crappy)...

Some props from:
Mystic Dollz
Angels Crying

The Woman Says

Dollz Mania

Dollie Sisters

(if you own one of these sites and want your banner here e-mail me)
How to make and save your doll:
1- Let the pieces of the maker load, then build your doll/alien/etc.
2- Press Print Screen (or Prnt Scrn) on your keyboard.  (Usually near the F12 key.)  It will look like nothing happened.
3- Open an image program like Paint, and press Ctrl and the V key to paste a screen shot into the program.
4 - Cut out your doll and save it.

If you want to take drag and drop pieces from the site:
     I made everything in the original makers.  Please do not take pieces from those without
permission.  If I give you permission to take some pieces from the original makers please be sure to link back.  I made or edited many of the pieces in the popular type, brand and specialty makers, but you may take pieces from those.  A link is appreciated but not necessary.

If you see a piece that you made:
     Wait a sec, don't blow up!  :-)  It is not my intention to take what belongs to others.  I do not take drag and drop pieces from sites that prohibit it.  However, I do accept donations and one of your pieces may have been e-mailed to me, or I may have gotten it from a site you permitted to use your images.  However it happened, if you see a piece that you made,
e-mail me and tell me the filename of it.  (Right-click on it and click Properties and a box will come up that will tell you the filename.)  If you want it removed I will take it off, however if you'd settle for a link I would be happy to link back to your site.

Hope this keeps things fair!