Greeneyed gypsy
I am single and trying to start my life anew.
I have a renewed interest in homesteading
and am planning to find a small acreage in the  Ozarks.  I hope to have a garden, small orchard,  root cellar, raise some chickens, and be mostly

I was born and raised in Missouri.  I am putting this web page up to promote my interests.  I am interested in genealogy, and hope to find other who are also researching the same family lines. .
                Recently my birth brother made contact, we hope to get to meet each other and have e-mailed and called each other.  I am very excited!!       

Possibly some of my old freinds that I have lost contact with will see this page and renew our freinship. Maybe I will simply make some new ones.

Looking for parents/siblings of:
Alexander Breshears b. 20 Apr 1807 SC
    mar. Margaret "Peggy" Brashears dau. of
Henry Alexander Brashears & Eleanor Hardin

Margaret Sinnett b. abt 1737 Prince Wm, VA
   mar. Jesse Hardin

John T. Henderson -(father of)
and wife, Christina ?___?
Samuel Anderson Henderson, b. 8 Jan 1824 KY/TN mar. Mary Ann Davis b. 15 Oct 1827

Mary Jane Henderson b. 31 Aug 1819 TN 
mar. James Tipton, Jr, (her mothers maiden name WAITE)...... also James Tipton, Sr
b. abt 1778 & wif, Christina  _____?

John B. Holley b. abt 1802  SC? & Annie M. Smith b. abt 1806 SC?
James Donnell b. abt 1750 MD & wife, Sarah __?

Alexander Foster & "Polly" Connor both born abt. 1730 in Ireland.
William Waddell And Sarah Elizabeth Morrow both born in Ireland.  Their daughter, Isabella Waddell, and husband, William McKnight

Sabrina J. Murray b. 1842-45, Avery MO
parents: John? Murray and unkn. spouse

Thomas Etheridge b. TN, spouse unkn,  father of Atsey, Annie, & Thomas..

Elizabeth Vance mar to William Lusk Sr , bef 1746
in Augusta VA.      Margaret Laughlin mar. Samuel Vance( par. Samuel Vance & Sarah Colville)

Nancy Jane Montgomery b. 25 Oct 1846? 1842?
Greene CO., MO

As a John Wayne fan   this is a wonderful veiw..
gardening, cordwood building, underground homes,
raising chickens, ducks, goats, Dexters, breadmaking, quilting, primitive ways, survival,
solar and wind power,
yoga, tai chi, chakra, natural healing,
rat bikes, camping
Seeking other children of
MELVIN GILMORE JR.(no middle name)
born abt 1937
was married to PATRICIA JANE LUSK abt 1954.
Was told his family from Kansas City Area.
And that he remarried and had 1 girl & 1 boy.
Suppose to have died but have no dates or details.
Would like to locate anyone who served with my dad, William T. Henderson, b. May 1925, during Korea.  I believe he was on the USS Tanager? And he had R&R in Australia.  Anyone who knew him?
Courtney...Davis... Donnell...Du_Sauchoy
Henderson... Hoge...Hogue...Holley
Hope- Chyann-Lacey