A   U   T   O   M   O   T   I   V   E     A   R   T
D r a g a a n
Dragaan Vukadinovic developed his love of automotive art through his years of working as a car designer. Despite having designed such futuristic models as the 1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse and the stunning mid-engined Hyundai HCD-6 showcar, Dragaan's artwork looks to the past for inspiration.

"I've always had a great passion for cars from the Golden Age. ..when they made real noise, shook the ground and kicked-up dust...that's what I try to capture in my paintings!" says Dragaan.


That passion is very evident in his bold brush strokes and powerfull color palette. The paintings are reminisent of the best impressionists and have a timeless qaulity about them.

Collectors from around the world are discovering this through the acquasition of fine Limited Edition prints. The prints are on archival quality paper and come signed and numbered by the artist.


Original paintings, sculptures and drawings are
not available for sale and are staying in the permanent collection of the artist.

"I think an artist's body of work should be intact so  it can be viewed as a whole. That is why I have come up with the idea of the 'Life  Museum'. Here, anyone can come and see all my artwork!", says Dragaan.