Fiction by Aphrodite

The Fear No More series

This series is a continuing saga based on possibly the most beautiful of all slash couples, Aragorn and Boromir. I am just in love with the idea of these two being in love, and I hope that comes through in these stories.

Conquering a King

Rating: Chapter 1: PG-13

Chapter 2: NC-17

Chapter 3: NC-17

Summary: Boromir resents Aragorn. Aragorn hopes to change that, but discovers that he craves much more from Boromir than just his respect.

Warnings: Graphic m/m sex

Comments: My very first attempt at A/B slash. Just had to be written. I didn't realize at that time it was going to turn into a saga, though. Go figure!

Doubt and Desire

Rating: NC-17

Summary: In Fangorn Forest, our heros pause in their hunt for Merry and Pippin.

Warnings: Graphic m/m sex. AU.

Comments: I love Boromir, and I love Aragorn with Boromir. Therefore, no damned orcs and their arrows are going to seperate these two in MY story. ;)

Love and War

Rating: NC-17

Summary: At Helm's Deep, Aragorn stands to lose a lot more than just the battle.

Warnings: Graphic m/m sex. AU.

Comments: Here there be angst. I actually shed a couple of tears writing this one.

A Pleasant Interlude

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Our boys take a much-needed break in Edoras.

Warnings: Graphic m/m sex. AU.

Comments: Nothing complicated here. Just pure fluffy smut. Plain and simple.

Hearts Aflame, Loyalties Learned

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Eomer's scheming leads to problems between the lovers.

Warnings: Graphic m/m sex. AU. Non-con/rape.

Comments: This one has much darker moments than my other stories. But this plot bunny just wouldn't be ignored. Those little buggers have damned sharp teeth sometimes. ;) Special thanks and muchas smoochas to my co-goddess, Athena, whose wisdom was invaluable in helping me during my bout of writer's block with this one.

Brothers and Lovers

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Can Faramir accept his brother's relationship with Aragorn?

Warnings: Graphic m/m sex.

Comments: Back to fluffiness, although this one does have some serious conversation to offer as well.

Love Comes Home

Rating: NC-17

Summary: The Lords of Gondor have returned, but now new problems will arise and secrets will be revealed.

Warnings: Graphic m/m sex.

Comments: This will be a multi-chapter addition to the series. I will try to post new chapters regularly, depending on my schedule. Please be patient.

Chapter 2

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faramir wants to be initiated into Aragorn's and Boromir's world.

Warnings: Graphic m/m sex. Incestual themes.

Comments: It's sweet, but I promise it won't cause cavities. ;)

Chapter 3   

Rating: R

Summary: Boromir and Faramir reaffirm their feelings for one another.

Warnings: Incestual slash

Comments: This one is for all those people out there who were clamoring for more slashiness between the brothers. :)


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Aragorn reflects on his love.

Warnings: Graphic m/m sex.

Comments: Too short to be a fic. Too long to be a drabble. But it popped into my head fully written so who am I to deny a wandering plot bunny? ;)

The Thunder Rolls

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Aragorn has an extreme attack of jealous angst.

Warnings: Graphic m/m sex.

Comments: Everything is going so well in the lives of our lovers right now. I thought it was time to shake things up a bit. Besides, arguments just make a relationship stronger, right? ;) And by the way, the title IS taken from that song of jealousy and betrayal by Garth Brooks.