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The Dragons Lair
Welcome to the Dragons Lair. You have entered this site by your own free will. Whatever may happen to you during your visit of this site, we can't be held liable for. So if I were you, proceed with extreme caution during your stay in the Dragons Lair.
The following is a list of paths which you can take in order to find out what this dragon gets up to in his day-to-day life:
On the right, you will notice a picture of a monk kinda dude. This is the DALAI LAMA. He is most famous for his role in the movie "Caddy Shack" and also in the documentary on the pyramids in Egypt. He may appear to be harmless, but don't be fooled!!
Beware of his lethal Bongo-Bongo dance, which is shown in the picture.
------ The "Spooky" path
------ The " Freaky" path
------ The "TCW" path
------ The "Never-ending" path
Check out this little dudes version of the bongo-bongo dance. Go mate.....Go!!!
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