Halima Turkish Vans
Halima Turkish Vans
Halima is a CFA and TICA registered cattery located in Michigan specializing in Turkish Van kittens for show, breeder, and pets. We have a limited number of litters per year allowing us to hand raise each and every kitten.

Turkish Vans come from the Lake Van area of Turkey and are a very old breed. They have a medium length coat that is very silky and are medium in build but very muscualr.They are chalk white with colored markings on the head and tail. New to the United States is the all white Turkish Vans or Vankedisi prized in their country check our white odd eyed girl out in our links.

They are an energetic cat and bond strongly with their family. They are very smart and are easily taught tricks.
Kinali Bendis of Hlaima and Halima Thanatos
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Name: Erica/Brad Tadajewski
Email: dragon8819@yahoo.com