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Meretha Unltimate Guid
to head north type "n"
to head south type "s"
to head east type "e"
to head west type "w"
(you can conbind these to head like northwest just type nw and so on)
to fight a monster type "kill
monsters name here"
to wield weapon type "wield
name of weapon here"(a general rule is if it a sword type weild sword and the first sword in your invtory list will bne weilded)
to see all items type "inv"(will not show items that are equiped and wielded)
to see equiped and wielded items type "equip"
to see a decribtion of item or person type "l
name of item or person"
to talk were anyone in the room can hear you type "say(and what you wanted said folowing)"
to talk were only the person who you want to heard it can heard it type "tell
persons name here(and what you want to tell them here)
more to come
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