Passing through the door, it shuts automatically behind you which made you jump. Swallowing hard, you look at the world that was laid before you. Another tunnel against your liking. The temperture warms you since you pass through the icy tunnel of Mercury's. Torches illuminate your path as the walls glowed a dull red. The walls were made out of rubies but did not shined as much as you expect them too. As you come across a turn in the tunnel, a bright fire ball hovers before you. The rays of the fire sparkles against the rubies that made the fire ball look radiant. The ball speeds towards you and circles you and left a trail of dust in its wake. Finally it comes in front of you and you could see what creature must be the guardian of this new dragon. The fire ball transforms into a red bird. It spreaded it wings to their full extent and golden eyes stare down upon you. The bird's wings flaps once more and its long neck cranes upwards and stares at the ceiling. You stare at the bird and wonder what the ceiling brought so much interest to it. You follow it gaze and saw what it was staring at. A creature has clinged itself to the ceiling and watches you with red eyes. It roar and lands on top of you. You fall to the ground with a "thump" as the creature lands on you with a chuckle.
Talons press against your neck, making sure you hold still as its heavy breathing covers your cheek and you could feel the wet muzzle against your face.
"You are dead meat, my friend." Ivory fangs pokes your skin and then the creature raises and walks off of you. Once the weight was lifted off of you, your breathing was more comfortable and not restrained by the creature's weight. Talons scrape against the ground as the creature was revealed by the light of the phoenix. It was the dragon that ruled this domain. Red scales cover her body with orange wings tucked at her sides. The dragon lashes her tail against the far wall making the rubies against the force. The shards sparkle on the ground from the phoenix but soon the light dies down and grew lifeless.
"The name is Stardust, daughter of Golden Heart and Merita."
Her voice booms through the tunnel that caused her voice sound much more massive than it already is. The dragon was much smaller than the other four dragons that you have encountered so far. The Fire dragon snorts and trails her tail among the floor as she takes the turn in the tunnel. Stardust appear to be more violent than her father. Following her in her trail, the phoenix hovers over you as a voice speaks.
"Dear human, why have you come to this place at a time like this? Things for Stardust have not turned for the better for her."
Rising your head to face the phoenix, you tuck your hands in your pockets and stroll after the retreating dragon.
"Why so?"
"That Fire dragon have suffered a feeling that had confused her. The feeling that made her cry for days. She was heartbroken dear friend by a dragon that she have journeyed with since a hatchling. Now that Stardust have lost her friend, she feels there is nothing worth in DRAC for her to go back."
The phoenix's voice drops to a whisper as she explains her final words.
"By the way, thy name is Aeolus, guardian of Stardust."
Before introducing yourself, you come to the turn as was faced with the fiery of a lava pool. The magma spits which made the lava lap at the sides, wanting to reach forward towards you and bring you down in the hot liquid. Drips of lava ooze out of the ceiling and lands in the pool or the floor surrounding it. A oak bridge leads you from the tunnel to the garden, an easier path for humans like yourself. In the middle of the pool was a garden which was filled with assortment of strange and foreign flowers. Each having a vivid color of red or orange. If flowers were growing well down here, they must be able to survive the heat that surrounds them. Stardust was found poking at a flower and sighing before looking up at you. Eyes rests on you and glares darkly at you.
"You should of not come here. You should of go on to my happy siblings instead."
The teen stomps away from the garden and dives into the pool that didn't disturb the surface and left without a word to say. The phoenix lands near the ground and looks up at you as you cross the bridge, fearing that you may plummet down into the lava.
"I suppose your tour here shortly ends. If only she was in a better mood, things would of been better. You should of seen her when she was a hatchling. She was shy like an Earth dragon! Any ways, I do hope things would turn better for her. She still weeps."
You struck sympathy for the cruel Fire and sigh. A golden door appears out of the distance and was brought before your prescence. Taking a final look around the cavern, you sadly pass through. As the door vanishes, Stardust peeks through the lava and was quite glad you left. Pulling her bulk over towards the garden, she collapses with the tip of her muzzle resting on a petal. Too much memories visit her and days of bright summer comes to her. A single tear travels down her cheek and made it way towards the petal. The red tear shimmers up at the dragon that contained all the feelings for the previous dragon she had fallen in love with.
Could this be? Has Stardust fallen in love with another dragon? Hmm...was it an Autumn Gem by Mintabie?

Aeolus, guardian of Stardust and a creature from Sky Haven


Clutch:Golden Heart and Merita, Clutch#1
Colors:Red and orange
Food: Tough meat
Habitat: Volcanoes, Underground caves
Temperment: Rash. Uncontrolled. Attack now, ask questions later
Max Clutches: 10
Eggs per clutch: 13 eggs
Adopted from:DragonRose Adoptions