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Dragonanimelady's Anime Website!!!
(Dorky Name, I Know...)
Last updated: July 14, 2002
This site is always under construction!!!
Hiyo!! This is my humble little page. I make it at the library, so I don't update every day. Oh, poo. Ah, well. Weel, there are some links above that you might like. The links click goes to links, the bear goes to pictures gallery, email is, well, email, and the Ryo-Ohki is for my fan-fics page. The blinking Dejiko is for the DiGi Charat page, and the doggy thing is for... well... Ranma 1/2 stuff. (Its not up yet...) Click on the coin the fox found to go to adopted chibi's and the sort... The flying flag is my 9-11 shrine, and the mini hand is to sign the all anime channel petition. Please sign it! The symbol is for updates. Dejiko and her letter is for easy email to me!
(sniff, I'm so proud.) Enjoy!!
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