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      Gogetunks15 Again
Happy really late new year guys! Alright new section to be added this month will be video games. I might dump a section but I dunno which one.I am guessing the Ask Gohan one. I mean I could do it but I just havent worked on it hard enough. I dunno we shall see. Stay tuned for updates. Watch DBZ cause Earth goes boom tomorrow!
             March 12th

Hello. New episodes of DBZ Monday the 17th and it was my sisters birthday today. Wow huh? Anyways we also got an affiliate. Kyle's Page. Its not anime but its entertaining. I love the mullet page hahaha good laughs. I suggest you just check the random subjects out!
Bored No More. Full of random fun games and sections. Check it out!
             March 27th 03
Well I guess time to update. Kyle's page is now Bored No More. Lots of stuff added every like day so go look. Also I hope to find that new layout very soon. I have one I could use but its not impressive looking so no. Also I gotta get more affiliates so I actually get some dang hits! As soon as summer hits I will update often.
New Section Comin Soon