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Dragon Ball Z is cool because it has action, excitement and is a brutal cartoon or can be. Our favorite characters are Gohan and Trunks. Kay likes Gohan when he is grown up. She thinks he is a cool character and is one of the strongest when he is grown up. Trunks is Nicos favorite character because he comes from the future and is strong. Trunks is a futuristic character, Gohan is Goku’s son, Goku is a father and the main character most of the time, Vegeta is a character that never gives up he is always at it and Piccolo is a alien from planet namck. Krillin is a weak Z fighter but is Gohan’s best friend. Please feel free to check out our pictures, gits or you could email us. Our email address will be under about us we are always open to suggestions. We are only ten years old and there are only two of us so we will want suggestions.

Kay & Nico

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