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        The Dragonball Myth is closing. In fact it is closed, however the SITE IS STILL UP, AND YOU CAN STILL ENTER. Please read this message, it is important. Firstly, when I say closing I mean won't be updated frequently. More media will be up, and all the content we have now will stay up. Affiliates will stay up, the ones that have been loyal and true friends. You can drop me affs. but I'd like you to at least keep my button up some where if it isn't too much trouble. For those that dropped me, such as Saiya-Jin Fusion and USSR, you weren't true friends. I'd like to thank all my supporters, fans, and loyal affiliates. You guys kept me going, and you were the reason the site was going good. I know, the site wasn't even up a year, but we had a lot of hits. Which is pretty good. The reason I am closing, is not because I lost interest in DBZ or any other Anime, not at all; It is because I have too much to do, and a life. I know most webmasters, like dbgt.com also have ones. However, unlike them,  I will not just allow people to update the site. I really don't trust many people. I'm sorry to the fans that frequent this site. You can still always come back for the content we have and will always have. I hope the fans will keep coming back, and sort of keep giving this site life, even though it won't be updated much. Ok, lets move on to the next part of this farewell speech.
          I started off like any other webmaster, a small site, not a lot of hits on 9/8/01. I loved being a webmaster, in fact I updated every day and just about every week added content. My hits started picking up a month later. I joined a lot of top sites and submitted to about a dozen search engines. So, everything was going good. Hits were good, I had good affiliates, and awesome fans. But, in all that, my grades were sort of dropping. I had to bring them up, and that cost me some time. I was unable to update. The situation got worse because I kept on losing time. I would no longer dissapoint the fans who wanted more updates and content. I couldn't do it, I only had one other option. That was to quit. So, unfortunately I did.
         Fans, you were the greatest. I thank you for putting up with all the hard times, and the promises that I failed to perform. Affiliates, thanks for your support, choosing me to be one of your affiliates, and most of all being a friend. Lastly, thanks to Kaboom XL for helping out the site when I needed it the most. Alright, that about raps it up. Everyone knows the story, and this is Steve here saying latez for perhaps the last time on this site.

-Steve webmaster of Dragonball Myth(2001-2002)
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