Episode 14. Son Goku’s Rival Appears!
Episode 15. The Amazing Girl—Lunch
Episode 16.. Lesson 1 -- The Search for a Rock
Episode 17. Risking One’s Life to Deliver Milk
Episode 18. The Turtle School’s Tough Training
Episode 19. The Tenkachi Budokai Begins
Episode 20. Will the Power of Training Emerge?
Episode 21. Kuririn is Endangered!
Episode 22. Yamucha vs. Jackie Chung!
Episode 23. The Terrifying Giran Appears!
Episode 24. Kuririns Valiant Stand
Episode 25. Win Goku! Beware the Diving “X” Attack!
Episode 26. It’s the Final Match! Kamehameha!
Episode 27. Son Goku is in a Pinch!
Episode 28. A Head-On Collision! Power vs. Power!
Episode 29. Another Adventure! The Wandering Lake
Episode 30. Pilaf and the Mystery Militia
Episode 31. Egad! A Goku Imposter!
Episode 32. The Disappearing Fortress
Episode 33. The Legend of the Dragon
Episode 34. The Fanatic Red Ribbon
Episode 35. Girl of the North, Snow
Episode 36. The Terror of Muscle Tower
Episode 37. The Purple Ninja Appears!
Episode 38. Danger! The Alter Ego Technique
Episode 39. The Mysterious Cyborg Number 8
Episode 40. What will you do, Goku? It’s a Monster Blob
Episode 41. The End of Muscle Tower
Episode 42. You’re in Danger, Ha-Chan!
Episode 43. To the City in the West and Bulma’s House
Episode 44. Lots of Danger for Son Goku and gang
Episode 45. Beware! The Airborne Trap
Episode 46. Buruma’s Big Mistake.
Episode 47. The Turtle House is Discovered!
Episode 48. Commander Blue Launches His Attack!
Episode 49. Miss Lunch is in Danger!
Episode 50. The Pirate’s Trap
Episode 51. The Guardian Robot
Episode 52. The Treasure is Discovered!
Episode 53. Blue Blazing Eyes
Episode 54. Flee, Flee! The Great Escape
Episode 55. Pursued to the Penguin Village
Episode 56. Arare Gets on the Cloud
Episode 57. Arare vs. Blue!
Episode 58. Karin, the Holy Place
Episode 59. Taopaipai, the World’s #1 Hit Man!
Episode 60. Kamehameha vs. Dodonpa
Episode 61. Lord Senpyou of Karin Tower.
Episode 62. The Effects of the Holy Water...?
Episode 63. Son Goku’s Revenge!
Episode 64. The Last of Taopaipai
Episode 65. Son Goku Goes on the Offensive!
Episode 66. The Red Ribbon’s Desperate Defense
Episode 67. Red Leader is Dead!
Episode 68. The Last Dragon Ball!
Episode 69. The Cute Fortune Teller
Episode 70. The Five Fighters
Episode 71. The Desperate Battle
Episode 72. Son Goku and the Demon’s Toilet
Episode 73. The Demon’s Beam
Episode 74. The Mysterious 5th Fighter
Episode 75. Formidable Foes Clash!
Episode 76. The Identity of the Masked Man?
Episode 77. Pilaf’s Second Attempt
Episode 78. Shenlon Appears Once More
1. Return My Gohan!
2. The World's Strongest Guy
4. Super Saiya-Jin Son Gokuu
Strongest Vs. Strongest
6. Clash!! 10 Billion Power Warriors
The Three Super Saiya-Jins
12.The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta
13. Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Goku Can't Do It, No on can!!
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