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Last Updated:
Apr. 5, 2002

 Suggested Dragonlance Reading Order

By: Dragonfyre's Dragonlance Books

For readers who are new to Dragonlance I have made a list of the books that should be read first.  The eight books by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are ones that most Dragonlance fans, including the ones at, feel are the most important in the DL timeline.  This list should be read from top to bottom.  Note that Dragons of Summer Flame should be read after The Second Generation.

Title (Click for cover image) Author
Dragons of Autumn Twilight Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Review Buy
Dragons of Winter Night Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Review Buy
Dragons of Spring Dawning Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Review Buy
Legends Trilogy
Time of the Twins Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Review Buy
War of the Twins Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Review Buy
Test of the Twins Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Review Buy
The Second Generation Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Buy Cover 1
Buy Cover 2
Chronicles Volume 4
Dragons of Summer Flame Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Review Buy Cover 1
Buy Cover 2

After Dragons of Summer Flame the next step depends on the reader. You could go explore some of the trilogies/books that were written by other authors, which may or may not be related to the Weis/Hickman timeline. For some of my favorites, go to my Top Pick's page. 

Or you could go continue and catch up to the newest books. To do this you'll need to familiarize yourself with the Fifth Age. This can be done by reading books of your choice in the Chaos War series or the Bridges of Time series. You could follow with the Dragons of a New Age trilogy by Jean Rabe, however, many people disliked this trilogy, especially many seasoned DL fans.  Please note that there are no "must reads" in this area so you can pick whatever looks good. (I read The Doom Brigade and The Puppet King, and I liked them.) The goal is to know enough about the Fifth Age in order to read Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's new War of Souls trilogy. The first book from that, Dragons of a Fallen Sun, has been released and it is excellent!

I get alot of emails from people regarding what to read after Dragons of Summer Flame. Please let me clarify: There is no set order to follow after reading Dragons of Summer Flame. There are far too many Dragonlance books now to say what someone should read next. It really does depend on what the reader is interested in. If someone likes magic, the Defenders of Magic trilogy might interest them. If you like elves, focus on books about elves. Basically, to see a list of books I highly recommend regardless of timeline, then check out my Top Pick's page.
For a full listing of all the Dragonlance books ever published, go to my Complete Book List page.

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